Defiant Nicaraguan President Ortega Refuses to Step Down Amid Protests


Demonstrations have become violent in Nicaragua and the heavy handed approach of the pro government forces further ignited a national movement to pull the President out of office. According to Human Rights Groups, at least 300 people have died since the street protests erupted mid-April.

Speaking exclusively with Fox News’ Bret Baier on Monday, President Daniel Ortega claimed that the violent clashes are caused by paramilitary groups funded and armed by drug traffickers and foreign sources.

Ortega added that the movements are only “campaign of lies, terrible lies, to try to hurt the image of Nicaragua and of its government.”

When asked whether he would resign “to end the violence and to help your country”, the President refused and said he was elected democratically.

He stated that holding early elections as suggested by Catholic Church mediators would be impossible because it “would create instability and insecurity and make things worse.”

He added, “We are not talking about any dynasty. It never occurred to me to set up a dynasty.” In defense of his wife’s role as vice president.

President Ortega has accused the Bishops of supporting anti-government movements. The Catholic Church in Nicaragua has been actively mediating between the government and protesters.  They have been seeking dialogues with government to end repression and bring back democracy.

When asked about the recent reports on the deaths of two men in Managua after pro-government forces attacked the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, Ortega said “”No Nicaraguan has died in any church. That’s false.”

When asked to give a message to the US, Ortega said: “The history of our relationship with the United States has been painful. I don’t want to repeat it.”

“We deserve respect as any state of the US deserves respect no matter how small that state of the union is. We are a country in this hemisphere, in this part of the world and we have strong links of all types with the American people,” he added.

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