Australia Day Watch – The Attacks So Far

While most Australians will today be celebrating Australia Day and reflecting on how fortunate we are to live in such a free, prosperous and peaceful country, on the anniversary of the nation’s founding the left will he holding their annual Invasion Day rallies with their claim that Australia Day celebrates racism, theft and genocide and to keep the change the date campaign in the public discourse. We hope that Australia Day festivities are not interrupted by these annual leftist tantrums, but the Unshackled will be keeping you informed throughout the day of the left’s attempts to ruin Australia Day and push the Invasion Day narrative. Attacks on our national day have been happening for the few weeks but below we have highlighted some of the worst.


Left wing virtue signalers on Facebook have been changing their profile pictures to show their adherence to the Invasion Day narrative and to shame any of their friends who dare celebrate Australia Day.

A youth organization called Indigenous Communities Education and Awareness (ICEA) Foundation which receives some of its funding from the federal government has released a video claiming Australia Day is hurtful to Indigenous Australians. This is probably the tamest of these videos as the people in video still claim to love Australia.

Leftist lobby group GetUp’s Australia Day video is easily the most disparaging of modern Australian society. It has a white Australian talking about how privileged she is and a part indigenous women talking about how oppressed she is all Australia ever does is oppress her people.

Self described satirical media organization The Juice Media has released a video advocating for the date to be changed claiming in this parody of video piracy advertisements that celebrating Australia Day is like celebrating September 11, dropping a nuclear bomb and the Holocaust.

We are not sure if this a serious video or somebody deliberately trolling people based on the fact the video contains numerous false facts. But online musician Queenn Kurtis has released this rant about why Australia Day is horrible if you can bare to watch it.

Let’s not forget of course the new politically correct lamb commercial which removed all references to Australia Day and had indigenous Australians at the center of the ad with ships of white people coming ashore.




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