Happy Australia Day


We live in the most amazing nation in the world. Welcoming, laid back and mateship is what embodies this great nation.

We are surrounded with beauty, amazing beaches, national parks, rainforests, Islands, mountains and our amazing outback.

Home to great animals not found anywhere else like Kangaroos, Koalas and emus. We look out for each other and we work hard.  A peaceful, free and prosperous nation, many would say we are “The Lucky Country”

January 26th was the day European settlement came to this great land and made the nation what it is today. Some mistakes were made and things were done that would not be acceptable now, but it was a different time and a very different world.  But without that day we would not be the amazing nation we are today. The 26th of January is the day so many Australians from other lands became Australian citizens and pledged their allegiance to Australia and helped to make this the great integrated multi ethnic society we are today.

No one alive today experienced the crimes committed in the past, instead they are part of a welcoming and warm society with opportunities for all. We have every right to celebrate this day and to be proud of our nation and all it has become.

Happy Australia Day my Patriot Brothers and Sisters!

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