BREAKING: Malmsbury Riot, Inmates on the Loose


A riot has broken out at the Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre with 15 youths escaping and stealing a vehicle in the parking lot. The escapees then hijacked a further two vehicles before police were able to apprehend six of the escapees. Nine were on the run until moments ago when two more were taken into custody as confirmed in the later police press release.

Police were forced to call off the pursuit of two vehicles due to the escapees driving in the opposite direction down the Calder freeway at speeds in excess of over 150km per hour. At least one vehicle was involved in a collision with a civilian car, it is not know if this vehicle was the third vehicle or one of the two still at large.

Police are asking the public to avoid the Calder freeway, until the situation is under control.  This latest incident comes just after the Melbourne car rampage and the thought of criminals in control of vehicles driving erratically is sure to put locals on edge.

One vehicle is reportedly travelling towards Melbourne and the other, a blue Ford Falcon towards Ballarat, currently on the Western freeway near Ballan.  Several vehicles and police car has been rammed during the pursuit.

Victorian Police are now asking people to keep a look out for a red hatch, blue Ford Falcon, and a white Sukuki SUV.

Back at the youth detention centre police in full riot gear are attempting to regain control as terrified staff are locked inside the facility to protect themselves. At least one staff member has reportedly been injured. The Country Fire Authority (CFA) are also onsite but no word has come from authorities of why they are there accept to assist Police in this ongoing operation.  Earlier news choppers were able to see five inmates on the roof, but they have since come down.  Eleven inmates are still in an uncontained area of the facility.

Police have released an statement on this ongoing situation.


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