Anti-Molyneux/Southern protesters humiliated in Perth


The far left is convinced that images like this help them. Hilarious!

On Sunday night in Perth the extreme left tried to “smash” another Lauren Southern/Stefan Molyneux speaking event.

Didn’t hear about it hey? I’m not surprised.

It was a farce.

First some background:

In West Australia the Socialist Alternative front group is known as United Against Bigotry and Racism [UBAR]. They are the Western Australian equivalent of the CARF in Melbourne. UBAR was founded by long time Socialist Alternative activists Alexis Vassiley, Sam Cavallaro and Miranda Wood. The event on Sunday night had as its spokesman one Nick Brown who [Surprise!] also happens to be a member of Socialist Alternative active at UWA.

In 2015 the UBAR group threatened to shut down any Perth venue that dared to host Geert Wilders which caused several to cancel on the Dutch MP. Also in 2015 they violently attacked two Reclaim Australia rallies. In 2017 they organised the attempted blockade of a Pauline Hanson pub event during the WA state elections.

They are in short a group of violent Marxist extremists fanatically intolerant of any views other than their own.

So watching them squeal like outraged piglets when their Facebook page was shut down [seemingly for inciting violence and illegal activity] a day before the Southern/Molyneux event was delicious, hilarious and life affirming all at the same time.

Seeing people who seem to spend half their waking hours thinking about how they can use threats of violence and intimidation to force others into silence suddenly whinging “what about OUR free speech” was sidesplittingly funny.

Leftist outside Melbourne event crying at life of failure, or maybe the pepper spray.

Even funnier was the turnout. You have to remember that this protest has been organised for months. The SAlt kids on UWA and Curtin fly-papered their campuses with a call to arms for all good, decent left wing Australians to smash the evil “fascist mouthpieces”.

And after all the postering, banner making and furious organising the sum result was a bedraggled band of around 25 people half-heartedly chanting something irrelevant about Aboriginal land.

Inside the venue the crowd of paying attendees outnumbered those who had shown up to “smash” them by a factor of somewhere around 40 or 50 to one. Just as in Melbourne the police present weren’t protecting the right, they were protecting the left.

The longer it went on the sadder it became

I know that West Australia in general is hardly ground zero for extreme left organising but this was beyond pathetic even by their standards. Our western state does at times look a little like a sea of right wingers surrounding the tiny red island of Fremantle but the protesters didn’t even manage to get their comrades in what remains of the Socialist Alliance to show up.

Perth Socialist Alternative with all their friends

The crowd [if you can call it that] seemed to consist entirely of the local Perth SAlt branch with a couple of confused looking Aboriginal activists hanging around in tribal dress screaming incoherently.

The far left is convinced that images like this help them.


Which just goes to show how important the humiliating defeat of the Marxists on Friday night in Melbourne was.

Outside of Melbourne, and even outside the inner suburbs of Melbourne, the far leftists who proclaimed themselves able to dictate who was and wasn’t allowed to speak in the public square have been exposed as unable to back up their threats.

I thought flags as capes was a bad thing?

The violent thugs so apparently terrifying that they’ve cowed the entire Victorian State government can’t seem to exert much influence at all once more than 10 kilometres outside the CBDs of Melbourne and Sydney.

What’s even funnier is watching them realise this online in their private messaging and social media groups where they think nobody is watching. A little blonde girl and an old bald man from Canada have made them look like a pack of blustering, boastful, incompetent fools, and my doesn’t it sting.

The bitter end

There really is no better liquor than the salty, salty taste of leftist tears.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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