Antifa SJW Insult Batallion: Introducing Some New Characters of the Regressive Left


An Unshackled camera man films protesters outside of the Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern event last Friday.



Which insult was your favorite? Here are just a few:

-On a scale of one to go fuck yourself, how much of a racist are you?

-You’re a fucking Nazi and we won’t have that, ok.

-You fucken dawg.

-If you were on fire, I would piss on you, and then I’d fucken set fire to you, you know why? Because your Nazi you fucken idiot.

-Do they let you wear your school uniform to film?

-Worst media outlet ever…

-You suburban fucking idiot.

-I wanna bully you and steal your lunch money.

-You look a fucking mess.

-Does your mother know that you are out?

-Do you know your mother?

Let us know in the comments which character you like best out of Pvt Sniffles, Aids Sheeran or the Virgin Corbyn. I’m sure we will be seeing them again at the next rallies.


What’s also a bit disturbing is how the police officer who spoke to the camera man sated that if anything was to happen to him, he would be on his own. So much for protecting journalists.


Stay tuned for more coverage of the regressive left in Melbourne and the rest of Australia.

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