I am a lucky father of three. I say lucky not only because I’m married to a beautiful woman who loves and supports me but because together we share an opportunity to witness our amazing little creatures blossom as they take on their journey of this world. As a father and husband, it is my responsibility to love and protect my family and that is what I intend to do.


As we look around this country it’s easy to see the changes that are sweeping across our society. Not just political and economic but social changes as well, and for most of us, the future that we are being offered is not the future we hope to provide our children. Our children deserve to grow up safe and happy with the same rights and the same freedom’s under the same constitution that our fathers and grandfathers fought and ultimately died to protect.

“People need to stand up and be accountable” is something I often found myself saying when I turned on the TV and saw news stories about new laws, rules, legislation and restrictions placed on the lives of everyday Australians. I have said it so often in fact that I thought I can’t possibly be the one saying this. I had to do something and, on that belief is where I took my stand.

I was arrested recently for attempting to drive across the NSW border from Wodonga to Albury without a permit. This is something I do every day for work. Although I am entitled to a permit being a border resident as an Australian l do not need one the section 92 of the Australian Constitution protects our rights to travel between states without being impeded.

There are many Acts and High Court case precedents that support freedom of movement of all Australia and state that the constitution is still the foundation of our legal system under which all laws must fall and any laws in contradiction with the constitution are invalid and therefore do not apply.

I informed the police of these Constitutional facts who obviously had no understanding of the topic (this I took from the statement “Australia has no Constitution you’re thinking about America”) at which time they proceeded to assault and arrest me in front of my wife and three young children. I was denied bail and imprisoned overnight without breaking a law for doing something that people have done for all of Australia’s existence and something that had been completely legal just 10 hours before.

The police tried repeatedly to intimidate me into submitting to their demands but for the future of my children and my country this is not something I was willing to do. Now I realise that may sound like an overstatement but the fact is that’s the world we are living in. These are the battles we must fight because every time a new “law” is made another one of our freedoms is taken away whatever that may be.

I was charged with failure to comply with direction 7/8/9 covid-19 and the prosecution is seeking a 6-month term of imprisonment. I will be fighting these allegations I believe not fighting these illegal directives imposed on us would be unjust to the citizens of this country and would be of great detriment to the future of my kids and the grandkids that come after them and all whom I’m sworn to go protect.

That is why I’m willing to take this battle all the way to the High Court if necessary and hopefully I and the people will finally get some justice. Mine is not an uncommon story, all across our great countrymen and women are standing up against the tyranny being imposed on us.

These men and women who are being demonized by the media, targeted by the police and persecuted by the government are the true defenders of our society. They are risking their reputations, their livelihoods, and sometimes even their freedom so that we may get back some of the freedoms we have up until so recently enjoyed.

I believe we owe a duty not only to these people but to ourselves and to the generations who follow us. Our support must not be just in lip service and social media posts but in our actions. The actions of one may go unnoticed but the actions of many can bring about change that is why it is vital we educate ourselves and those around us our history and law so that people can once again start being guided by what is just rather than what is legal because knowledge plus action equals true freedom.

We are living in the greatest conspiracy of all time we are watching an Orwellian plot roll out before our eyes we are inundated with a never-ending cycle of theories and keywords some ridiculous some plausible we may never be sure of the facts and we will never know for certain who is behind it or what the real agenda may be but one thing we do know is that we are on the verge of losing the world we once knew and all of us must decide if we’re willing to accept the alternative be offered us or if we will fight for the world we know.

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