ABC Thanks All Men For: Spiking Drinks, Rape, Domestic Abuse, Sexism, +


We suppose it’s time to tell all men who are reading this article that they are responsible for all of the ills of the world, at least that’s what the ABC would have you believe with a new video released on Facebook sarcastically thanking men for all the bad things that can happen to women.

Sexism is defined as the negative attitudes and opinions about a person due to their gender, but by the standards of the ABC the only one of the 33 gender that can be discriminated against free from moral objection is the male gender. This is why it’s ok for the ABC to call all men sexual predators who beat their partner, put pills in women’s drinks, have sex with someone without permission, and all other general negative behaviours that can be expressed by a human.

Here is the video produced by the ABC:

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