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The world been rocked by yet another horrific terrorist attack in Sri Lanka aimed at the nation’s minority Christian community on Easter Sunday. The updated death toll is 310 with over 500 injured. 39 foreigners have been killed including 2 Australians. All of the evidence as the Unshackled broke first points to preparator being the Sri Lanka Islamic Jihadist group the National Thowheeth Jama’ath. This attack has once again highlighted the persecution and violence Christians face around the world by those acting in the name of Islam.

In Australian politics during the Easter holiday period where there was supposedly an election campaign truce from the major parties. Nevertheless, the issues of the campaign have still dominated the news cycle. Former Greens leader Bob Brown is leading the Adani Convoy against the Coal mine to North Queensland to make the election a referendum on the mine. 

Bill Shorten is triggered over the Coalition’s campaign against the push for Labor to introduce inheritance taxes. He’s called it a lie and asked Facebook to investigative the spread of this fake news. A bit rich from the man who campaigned on the Mediscare lie in 2016.

And despite all of the negative publicity vegans have been receiving lately, due to their own conduct one more has just elected to our parliament as the Animal Justice Party won the final seat in the New South Wales Upper House.

To discuss this volatile past week returning to the show is Unshackled team member Martin Hartwig. He also provides us with an update on his recovery from being assaulted by Brisbane Antifa last year and the ongoing police investigation.

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