Soldiers shoot bomber in Brussels train station; shouts “Allahu Akbar”


The Belgian military has taken down an Islamic terrorist in Brussels after an explosion that has occurred inside the city’s Central Station. There are no other casualties according to police and all commuters were evacuated.

The bomber shouted “Allahu Akbar” before blowing an explosion in a trolley.


The situation is now under control, with police patrolling the train station. The incident is being treated as a terrorist attack. It has not yet been confirmed whether the bomber is alive or dead.

Some media sources are stating that a controlled explosion also occurred, after bomb squads seized the man’s explosive belt, before checking for more hazards.

This is the latest terrorist attack in a European city, with three others happening over the past few days. Yesterday, a man rammed into a police convy in Paris using a car filled with explosives. Another attempted anti-police terrorist attack occurred in London.

The prevelance of such Islamic attacks drove a non-Muslim man to commit an anti-Islamic terror attack in London. The more frequent Islamic terror attacks get, and the less effective Western leaders are at handling this problem, the more inevitable revenge attacks will become.


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