Are we all enjoying the cultural enrichment this World Refugee Day?


Today marks the celebration of another leftist-inspired progressive achievement that has placed the lives of millions at risk and inflicted long-term harm on both white and non-white people alike. Today is World Refugee Day, and just like all leftist celebrations, it comes with its very own designated hashtag and Facebook filter, all the more better to further remind humanity of the trauma, displacement and risks it has brought to all corners of the world.

To begin with, the displacement of non-white people from their homes in the global South is a major element of mass migration, something the left seems to ignore. I actually find it very hypocritical for the left to actively celebrate the displacement and removal of people from their homelands while liberally using the word “racist” every chance it gets. The left accuses us of being racist without hesitation, yet it is the left flaunting its ignorance by openly celebrating and advocating for this mass displacement of the global South’s population.

I don’t usually resort to identity politics, but desperate times call for desperate measures. As a non-white person, I find it hilarious how refugee advocates have the nerve to accuse white right-wingers of racism while promoting the mass removal of people from their lands of origin. If the left cared about non-white people, it would immediately cease refugee activism and address some of the real factors promoting refugee crises, such as unnecessary Western intervention in the Middle East.

But what do I expect from people who supported a presidential candidate whose middle name is “neoconservative interventionism”? The regressive left never fails to impress me with its superficiality and lack of knowledge. This superficiality is nowhere more prevalent than in its attempt at allowing more terrorists and culturally-incompatible hoards enter the Western world and wreak havoc. It’s further enhanced by the constant berating of any common-sense-inspired criticism of such refugee programs through the use of buzzwords ranging from “Islamophobia” to “white supremacy”. Reality shows that Islamic migration brings along with it terrorism and crime, but expecting the left to face reality is obviously naïve.

An examination of current events shows just how much the left is tolerant of migrant-related crime and violence. The simple fact remains that most terrorist attacks that have rocked the Western world would not have occurred had we listened to the conservatives and nationalists of the day and barred Muslims from entering our countries. Taking them in does not help them, it only strips their lands of their population and does nothing in the long run. Refugee-intake is not a solution, leaving them alone and letting them solve their own internal problems is. If only the left adopted a long-term view they would easily understand this.

Apart from terrorist attacks, especially those of Europe, the crime associated with mass migration is simply breath-taking. Rape, theft, riots and ghetto-formation are constant phenomena in Europe. Sweden has degenerated to a point where there seems to be no hope, and France seems to be taking a similar path thanks to the election of a leftist President by its globalist baby-boomer generation (those experiencing the full cultural enrichment brought forth by mass migration voted for Marine). Again, the fact remains that these crimes would not have happened had we chosen to implement strong borders decades ago.

World Refugee Day is just another tactic to make things worse for humanity. It pushes for the enforcement of refugee acceptance in Western countries that can only lead to the further degeneration of the current situation. There is no proper argument to accept refugees unless you have a perverted interpretation of the concepts of “compassion” and “kindness”. It is not compassionate nor is it kind to support programs that deteriorate the safety and security of the innocent people who already live in the West in favour of a short-term method of helping refugees. In fact, it is evil. The balance and diversity of the world, as ensured by different people living in different regions, is now at risk thanks to a movement that has a flawed perception of diversity. This violation of the natural order has resulted in catastrophic cultural incompatibility.

Refugee intake is, ironically, proving harmful to the left’s agenda itself. Freedoms for homosexuals are now under threat thanks to Islamic migrants. Last year, headlines were made by surveys revealing that half of all British Muslims want homosexuality to be made illegal. Gay refugees, who escaped oppressive countries to enjoy freedom in Europe, did so in vain, as the prevalence of Islamic migrants in Europe means there really is no difference. Furthermore, feminist values are under threat thanks to sharia patrols that constantly occur in Europe, especially those in London, along with refugees sexually assaulting women in places such as the Gold Coast in Australia. I’m assuming the abusing of women who wear short skirts and the physical harassment of gays goes down well with the left, seeing as how they want to keep taking them in.

This, in combination with political correctness, has resulted in a mini slippery slope, with the judicial system sympathising with and supporting these acts. The Gold Coast incident itself ended with the judge ignoring the victims’ call for justice simply because the perpetrator grew up in a different culture. In Germany, courts ruled that sharia police formation did not break the law, and thus allowed them to continue enforcing their morality in the West. The fact that the risks posed by Islamic immigration to leftist values does not make refugee advocates think twice before posting another #WRD tweet shows that their refugee advocacy is simply madness.

The left and its codeshare partners in the centre-right are all operating inside a fallen aircraft where all reason, morality, virtue and logic are absent. They support the removal of non-white people from their homelands while ignoring the real problems affecting refugee crises, want to see the replacement of white people in their countries, are heralding the destruction of Western culture and heritage, and are oblivious to the risks posed by immigration to their own agenda. It is more and more clear that the left is further degenerating under more hypocrisy, irony, and stupidity, and the World Refugee Day celebration is simply the latest symbol highlighting this phenomenon.

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