Labor Puts Foreigners First

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People will recall over a month ago Labor leader Bill Shorten released an advertisement vowing to put Australian jobs first. Obviously aiming to capitalise on the popularity of Trump’s America First campaign, a leftist imitation of Trump was never going to work out. The ad was criticized for being too white, not just by the media but other Labor MPs and was quickly withdrawn.

Labor would appear now to have withdrawn any appearance of putting Australia first with the announcement they would be blocking the Turnbull’s government proposed citizenship changes. These changes include a longer wait for Australian citizenship and for citizenship requirements to have an English language test and an Australian values test.

Of course, a leftist party was never going to include in any Australia first pitch blocking immigration from the Middle East, cutting back our refugee intake or keeping our borders secure, they would be seen as being mean, xenophobic and racist which the left would not want to be labelled. This confliction is why leftists can never be trusted to really put a nation’s interest first as they are still committed to the globalists’ goals and a borderless world.

Now it would seem Labor is putting foreigners’ interests first given their reasons for opposing the citizenship changes. Frontbencher Tony Burke yesterday claimed that the English test was “ludicrous, absurd and dumb”, and would result in “a new, permanent underclass of permanent residents”. He reaffirmed this with an interview he gave to Sky News today. It is also worth pointing that Tony Burke’s statement took a swipe at the ordinary Australians Labor pretends to care about saying a “very large number” of Australian citizens would not pass the English test.

Bill Shorten told the Labor caucus the laws would “alienate people who are already permanently living here”. Brendan O’Connor told Sky News that we would be missing out on some high quality potential Australians, this is Labor’s shadow Workplace Relations Minister who has been lobbying for the abolition of the 457-foreign visa worker program.

They don’t seem to be too much concerned for the impact on existing Australians the current migrant intake is having and the “cultural enrichment” we are experiencing. Not only does Labor’s Australia first rhetoric ring hollow but we would be guaranteed under a future Labor government (the polls seem to suggest this is more than likely) that the borders would once again be open, more refugees would be allowed in and we would go down the same path Europe is currently in.

It is also worth reaffirming that these citizenship changes are the least the Turnbull government could do. They will still not dare consider restricting immigration from Muslim nations, as demonstrated by the support last year for a parliamentary motion supporting a non-discriminatory immigration policy.

These citizenship changes now rest in the hands of the crossbench with Nick Xenophon’s Team likely being the deciding voice, and they are known for just going whichever way the wind is blowing. Regardless of whether it passes it is clear that Labor is not serious about ensuring national security or putting Australian citizens first and they have not really taken any lessons from Trump or their previous efforts at border security in government.

  • Steve Wickenden

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    • Macfraz Frazermacgregor

      Have you read the Kalergi Report Steve? It shows very clearly where we are headed … If you are interested type it into the search box…?

  • Steve Wickenden

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    • Macfraz Frazermacgregor

      Could we demand that our Elected polititions take a course in ‘Objectivity’ please? Or maybe we could send them some reading material on it…to be read before any more pay rises!