German City Offers 100k Bounty on Antifa extremists.

The city of Leipzig in Germany has offered a bounty of 100,000
euros to anyone who can identify Antifa extremists following a wave of vandalism
and violent attacks.

The city’s public prosecutor and the state criminal police
announced this week that any non law-enforcement officer would be eligible to claim
the prize in an audacious move to attempt to combat the domination of some
suburbs of the city by black masked anarchist extremists. The police are
calling on any witnesses who may know the identities of the far-left
extremists, those who may have seen suspicious vehicles in the area of the
far-left attacks, and those with any other information to come forward to claim
the reward.

This reward is offered after a gang of antifa broke into a woman’s home in the German city of Leipzig and viciously beat her. The victim, who worked for a real estate company, was the latest target of a campaign of terror meant to stop the gentrification of a neighbourhood in the eastern German city that the antifa extremists consider “their” territory. The Connewitz neighbourhood in Leipzig is one of the most prominent anarchist strongholds in Germany. The CDU Interior Minister of Saxony, Markus Ulbig, has described the squat-ridden suburb as a “breeding ground” for left-wing extremists. Leipzig police chief Bernd Merbitz described the neighbourhood as a “lawless space”. On May-day and after left-wing demonstrations, rioting and attacks by mobs of black-masked thugs are common in the area.

Antifa extremists confront police in Leipzig.

The bounty is the biggest offered to the public since the murderous reign of terror of the Red Army Faction (RAF). The Red Army Faction was a Communist terrorist organisation that carried out a violent three decade campaign beginning in 1967 when they bombed the Kaufhaus Schneider department store which continued up until the group’s final dissolution in 1998. In between they murdered civilians, police officers, British and American servicemen and the federal prosecutor-general Siegfried Buback. They also carried out a deadly attack on the West German embassy in Sweden and attempted to blow up Alexander Haig the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO with a landmine.

The far left scene extremist scene in modern Germany is a direct descendent of that which produced the Red Army Faction murderers. A poll at the height of their killing spree showed that a quarter of West Germans under forty felt sympathy for the terror group and one-tenth said they would hide a Red Army Faction member from the police. Prominent intellectuals at the time supported their campaign of violence and terror and those leftist intellectuals became the professors who formed the German academia of today. That same academia that almost certainly helped form the worldview of the privileged twerps in black masks who feel they have the right to attack anybody with whom they disagree.

Authorities in the smaller cities of Bautzen and Rodewisch have also offered a cash bounty totalling 12,500 euros for information on a similar campaign of arson, violence and vandalism. The region of Saxony announced the formation of a Special Commission on left-wing extremism (Soko LinX) this week to tackle the rise of left-wing attacks, of which there have been 305 this year — compared to 222 in 2018. This comes after Antifa extremists published an “assassination guide” online in February, with tips on how to kill AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) politicians and other political enemies. The German capital of Berlin also saw Antifa violence directed at police last weekend when extremists threw paving stones and other projectiles at officers during a protest against the eviction of antifa extremists from illegal squats within apartments in the city.

Only time will tell if a bounty will be enough to stem the tide of left wing extremist violence and intimidation.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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