The left does not simply disagree with you or think you are wrong. They hate you. They want you obedient and subservient.  If you do not bow down to their twisted catechisms and worship their ideology they become enraged.

Their mythologies are pure gospel to them which fill their empty lives with such messianic fervour. Their mythologies (just a short list) are oppression, white privilege,  toxic masculinity and the patriarchy. Engage them for a little while and their masks come off. Have a look at Facebook and Twitter and the hatred they have for Christians and Conservatives. The punchline, of course, is anyone who opposes them is a bigot or a Nazi. 

Why would anyone want a political system that restricts personal freedom instead of enhancing it; denounces personal responsibility instead of promoting it; surrenders parental rights and autonomy to the state; attacks the philosophical foundations of liberty instead of honoring it and defending it; encourages more government dependence instead of self-reliance, and restricts objective speech labelling it discrimination or even hate speech? Why would people favour such a system of perpetual whining and a continual emotionally infantile state? 

We are seeing more and more unabashed hatred to anything that does not conform exactly to their nihilistic worldview. I wish the childish progressives would realise that there will not be a utopia, nor a big piggy bank to raid-it simply will not be there. Their parasite heroes of Antifa and the Greens will not be getting anything-they will simply feed on a carcass then go off and cry that the wonderful left socialist progressive dream was an illusion and they were all greatly conned. 

Greta Thunberg said, “our generation are the future.” Your generation cannot decide if it is a boy or girl. Your generation are raised on everyone gets a prize, self-paced learning, gender fluidity, and gimme gimme gimme. Do you think we could field an army to defeat a powerful force like Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan? Hell no.

We have huge segments of society who want to be in front of the victimhood train and large numbers of millennials who want to find themselves a disorder or two and favor socialist policies including confiscatory wealth redistribution.  We have a whole generation raised in safe spaces and trigger warnings. We have large hordes of feminists wanting boys stripped of any masculinity and turning them into effeminates.  

The destruction of universities as places of learning is very complete. They are laughing stocks of intolerance.  Students are taught all the fake subjects, divide people by race, the oppressed and the oppressor. Feelings have overtaken reason, no objective truths exist anymore, and the dysfunctional generation is unable to cope with anything they dislike.  If they dislike it they ban it. 

The inevitable destruction is always unleashed by the left wherever it rears its ugly head.  It creates a huge administrative state, endless bureaucracy, and wages a continual war on speech. A huge bureaucracy of feeding the oppressed arises. Identity group industries, victimhood industries,  excuse industries, blame industries, plus committees and government commissions empowered to root out all sources of discrimination. 

They continually search for new victims, new funding for different causes and more finding for fake degrees. This provides endless opportunities for social engineering and experimentation. The left embraces inventing new disorders, grievances and more excuses. Then more of the same- guilt-tripping, brow-beating, demonizing masculinity, claiming discrimination,  prejudice or discrimination.  

A whole swarm of social justice warriors are fighting for Aboriginal rights. It is a huge superstructure built upon guilt merchandising.  It is driven by a few Aboriginal elites, white bureaucrats and white elites. What the left will not tell you is that it is the leftists who help squash Aboriginals down further.  Professional parasites feed off them. 

The dumbing down of teachers has been a disaster for Australian schools. Teachers constantly are having to demonstrate compliance with their political left masters. The curriculum is totally standardised and is run by an army of government administrative bureaucrats.  Unfortunately, the majority of teachers are intellectual mediocrities and holiday jockeys who peddle Marxist garbage to the poor kids.

Parents who want to escape the hard left’s grip on public education send their children to private schools. A child in a public school who believes that a man and women are made to match each other and their bodies are designed for reproduction faces punishment. Saying man and woman have an interdependent relationship is now considered discrimination and intolerable.  How ghastly for children to think of such things! 

The left’s attack on religious liberty has been in their sights for years. The left have simply redefined tolerance. Tolerance for them means not advocating or living according to one’s religious beliefs. It means you can have your religious beliefs in private but you must not share your beliefs if it clashes with the left’s prejudices. In other words, uniformity of opinion is the goal and bullying in the name of tolerance.

The left is perfectly fine with: threatening your family and friends, smearing you on social media, shutting down your business, closing down meetings or a host of other methods to turn you into a social pariah. Tolerance and diversity is not the aim, dominance is the goal. Only bad humans could oppose them. 

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