Tom Ballard the former host of ABC political comedy show Tonightly and accused sexual assaulter has used his podcast to promote the campaign of Socialist Alternative organiser Kath Larkin for the inner Melbourne seat of Cooper in the upcoming federal election.

This is of course not the first time Ballard has supported a Marxist for public office. Before last year’s Victorian poll he came out in support of long time Trotskyist (and fellow accused sex pest) Stephen Jolly in the latter’s failed bid for an upper house seat.

Tom Ballard recently of the ABC with his friend Kath Larkin of Socialist Alternative

Both Jolly and Larkin are representatives of the “Victorian Socialists” an electoral front created in early 2018 as a joint project by the Trotskyist group Socialist Alternative, the more broadly Marxist Socialist Alliance and the network around Stephen Jolly that he took with him after leaving the Socialist Party (yet another Trotskyist group).

The largest group in this electoral alliance is Socialist Alternative (SAlt), the biggest, best organised and most violent political extremist group in Australia today. Kath Larkin has been a member and organiser for SAlt since her university days and has continued her activism for the radical group from inside the union movement as Women’s officer and delegate for the RTBU (Rail Tram and Bus Union).

Kath Larkin after Jordan Peterson began answering her question.

Ms Larkin is perhaps best known for getting invited by the ABC to ask Professor Jordan Peterson a question on the ABC’s QandA program. Despite the fact that she was a well-known extremist organiser and was even wearing a Victorian Socialists button the ABC still thought it perfectly fine to give her a platform. For those who couldn’t watch the program I advise them to have a look at the clip below. Ms Larkin was humiliated by the visiting Canadian and was reduced to making childish faces at the camera like a six year old.

Kath Larkin getting owned by a Canadian Lobster enthusiast.

Which is a coincidence since Tom Ballard’s podcast is named “Like I’m a six year old”. This isn’t an inconsequential platform. Mr Ballard has had a wide variety of guests including people from both major political parties and even Sally McManus the Secretary of the Australian Council of Trade Unions.

And now he has used it to support Kath Larkin of Socialist Alternative. It’s worth pointing out (since no mainstream journalist ever seems to) That Socialist Alternative openly state that their goal is to violently overthrow the government and implement a totalitarian Communist state in the tradition of the early Soviet Union. It’s not a secret, you can find article after article detailing their plans on their website. As followers of Trotsky (the founder of the Red Army) they believe that Communism was fantastic but that wishy washy moderates like Stalin stopped it from reaching its full potential by exiling their hero in 1929 and then having him assassinated in Mexico City in 1940.

Tom Ballard has openly voiced his support for the Victorian Socialists, has appeared in campaign literature for them, has been photographed wearing one of their campaign t-shirts and has now given a platform to one of their candidates on his podcast during which he voiced his approval of Australia moving towards “Socialism”.

Tom Ballard, former ABC host. Here voicing his support for a Marxist group.

This is the man who the ABC, our taxpayer funded broadcaster funded for 160 shows of Tonightly during which he was allowed to promote views so extreme and vile that even the ABC was was eventually forced to apologise when he called a candidate for the Australian Conservatives a “C*nt”. Our taxpayer funded broadcaster threw bags of money at a man who has since come out of the closet (heh) as an outright supporter of Marxist groups and who compared conservative columnist Andrew Bolt to Hitler. That’s not even taking into account the fact that even before he was gifted such a massive platform to spread his views he had already been accused of indecently assaulting a man in a hotel room in June 2014, allegations that his friends in the media and at the ABC did their best to sweep under the carpet.

Communism is the most murderous ideology in human history, responsible for an estimated 100 million deaths in the 20th century alone, and people like Kath Larkin and Tom Ballard are trying to rehabilitate it.

Marxism. Never again.

And “Our” ABC apparently sees nothing wrong with that. At this point any “conservative” politician who doesn’t have as part of his policy platform the removing of funds from this billion dollar behemoth of the left cannot be considered conservative in any meaningful way at all.

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