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What’s happened since 2019 that’s caused the record-breaking problems we have today?

There is so much stuff going on nowadays compared to 2019. Back then businesses could find workers, the cost of things barely increased and hospitals were not packed. In fact, you could call an ambulance and it would come. How strange?

Well let’s go through each of these problems one by one and see how they were caused and who caused them. 

Spoiler alert it will probably be the socialist governments overreaction to covid.

Record Low Unemployment:

Going into the pandemic the unemployment rate was already pretty low. This was due to the government making it easy to get welfare, particularly the NDIS. They would pay people if they were sick and couldn’t work, so of course many people got “sick” and didn’t work. Also the government created many jobs via big socialist spending programs. This ballooned the governments size, hired many workers and lowered the unemployment rate. So we headed into the pandemic with an unemployment rate that was probably too low. A healthy economy needs to have a decent amount of unemployed people for it to function well, it’s just how it is, but we didn’t have that, so it left us vulnerable to future problems.

When the pandemic hit, our government decided to do unnecessary excessive lockdowns, businesses went bankrupt and this caused the unemployment rate to increase dramatically. But then something strange happened. When the lockdowns ended the unemployment rate decreased massively. This doesn’t make any sense as many businesses closed permanently during the lockdowns, so you’d expect there to be many people out of work today, but there isn’t. Also the economy is not as active as it was in 2019 no matter what the government says. They love their false statistics. Just simply walk up to your local pizza shop and they’l tell you how things are quieter now when compared to 2019. So we have a less active economy, many businesses shut, yet there isn’t tons of unemployed. How could this be?

Well this is bizarre but not when you know the full story of everything that’s gone down, so strap yourself in, your about to hear the shocking truth of these past few years. 

Some people have fled the country. The excessive lockdowns and police state which was rolled out during covid freaked people out, so they left. For some strange reason people didn’t like the cops and government controlling them, locking them in houses, making them wear masks and forcing them to take needles. Odd I know. So they have moved to rural areas and become preppers or to other parts of the world where their freedoms are respected. We’ve lost workers due to this, particularly in big socialistic cities like Sydney, Melbourne and New York.

We’ve also lost more workers into the welfare trap. 

They got onto the government tit during lockdowns when the businesses closed, liked it, and decided to never come back into the workforce. Yes our government is paying a large percentage of our population not to work at the moment, and these people are not classified as unemployed. You’re only considered unemployed if you’re looking for work. Yes the governments definition of unemployment is strange, there will be a shifty reason for it. Socialist governments love changing the definitions of words, note male and female. 

The final reason is far scarier. 

The government has killed or crippled many potential workers, thus they are no longer able to work. 

The covid vaccine side effect, or intentional effect(however you want to think of it) has killed many and crippled more. The good old myocarditis(heart problems) is a popular effect. A paralysed face is another. With many people sick or dead it reduces the amount of people looking for work. A country full of dead and sick people doesn’t have many workers to fill vacant spots. 

All these reasons combined have lowered the unemployment rate to record lows, a problematic thing for the economy. 

And this has created the next problem that wasn’t a problem back in 2019. 

Record Inflation:

So prices have gone up heaps recently. The fact that businesses can’t find workers has forced them to pay more dollars to potential workers to get them to sign up. To get this extra money for staff they have had to put up prices of whatever they are selling, thus causing inflation. Also if businesses can’t find workers and have given up on finding anyone, what do they tend to do? 

They put up their prices as well, this increases the amount they can make in profit, a win for them, and also discourages people from buying their services, another win for them, since they have enough business at the moment and dont want as many customers. So they are charging extra to discourage demand. But as businesses do this across the economy all prices end up going up, and we get record inflation, which isn’t a good thing. 

This is why record low unemployment is terrible, no matter how many times the silly socialist politicians brag about all the jobs they have created and how low the unemployment is. 

They’ve caused this problem. Not to mention the huge problems of what those socialist spending programs actually are, we wish they were just fake work scams alone. 

On a side note: this report is laying out problems the government has caused, it makes me wonder why they do what they do and what their real agenda is. Personally I think its depopulation and achieving this causes employment, inflation and hospitalisation problems which they are fine with in the short term as they achieve their lofty long term goal. And this gets me into the final problem. 

Record Hospitalisations:

Covid, its vaccine, and unhealthy lockdowns kill and harm people, thats why the hospitals are packed. 

Covid is a government man made virus. The vaccine is government made as well, think whose funding big pharma. And the radical extremist lockdowns that are forced onto us as well are done so via the government and its strong arm crew the police. Many are filling the hospitals and jamming the ambulance system because they are sick or dead from these three things. 

I’m certain the most harmful of these three is the vaccine. 

It has some serious side effects, but one of them is giving the recipient covid itself, therefore the vaccine contributes to the spread of covid. The pandemic now is mainly being caused by vaccine shedding and this is killing many and packing the hospitals. The reason why this third year of covid has had so many more cases than in 2020 is because most are vaccinated. The vaccine is continuing the pandemic after the initial man made virus had run its course. 

More sick people means less workers, which means more inflation, which means more vaccines to stop all the sickness which means more vaccines which causes more covid cases which causes more lockdowns to stop the spread which causes more inflation, and it just goes on and on and on….brilliant operation.

Remember in this report I’m just going into the main reasons, there are probably tons of smaller reasons I’ve forgotten. For example inflation is occurring also due to the lockdowns here and overseas messing with the supply of goods in the economy. Also the vaccine causing covid has resulted in many people having to take time off work while they are sick. This further messes up with the supply of goods pushing up prices. Oh and the war in Ukraine pushing oil up is a major one too.

Everything seems confusing, especially if you follow the mainstream media with its direct lies as to the causes of things. But the low unemployment, the packed hospitals, and the excessive inflation are all happening for a reason and it all makes sense when we fully look at it. Encourage people to become better healthier workers and don’t get vaccinated is probably the best advice. Knowledge and good health are key. One big secret they have kept from you is that probably the only best way to stop a pandemic is by making people be healthier with stronger immune systems. Sunlight, breathe-work, exercise, good diet, detoxing Bikram yoga will stop you from ever getting sick and make you smarter too. Expensive dangerous vaccines will only make you sicker and brain fog dumber. 

Remember whatever they recommend is always the thing NOT to do. 

That’s it for my latest knowledge report, so remember when life becomes a battleground, knowledge is your best weapon.

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Andy Nolch is news minus the propaganda. He exposes communist propaganda in the mainstream media and seeks to stop the leftist cult which has taken over western civilisation from capturing your mind.
Andy Nolch is news minus the propaganda. He exposes communist propaganda in the mainstream media and seeks to stop the leftist cult which has taken over western civilisation from capturing your mind.
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