“It’s not my fault that I can’t be bothered getting a job and working like the rest of society, it’s this racist world we live in!!” Cries the brainwashed libtard on his way to Starbucks. We’ve all heard it before, it’s not my fault, it’s someone else’s, and the biggest myth that I have heard of is “White Privilege”, those stupid 2 words that keep raising it’s ugly dyed head every time someone who isn’t white can’t be bothered accepting responsibility, and wants a scapegoat to blame, and sadly, us white people get the blame for this one.

White privilege is a myth that Black Lives Matter love to always bring up and act like it is gospel, despite there being NO EVIDENCE to support their retarded theory. The White privilege theory essentially goes like this: White people are ALWAYS preferred over non whites with jobs, law enforcement and various other things. The idiots who push this myth believe that white people hold some kind of special power that oppresses minorities but they honestly fail to provide evidence; They then start talking about police brutality, unemployment in the black community, low education in the black community ect. You would think something would have changed by now and we would all be fighting for their rights, but there is nothing to fight against. Society wants to help the black community, the black community says a resounding “FUCK NO!”, Society then says “ok have it your way” and the black community cries because no one is helping them. Black Lives Matter don’t care about Black people, or else they would be pushing for better education and employment opportunities for their community, not just throwing a temper tantrum and burning their own cities down because “Tyrone” got shot while pulling a gun on an officer, or because “pi$$yF@g” the wannabe rapper decided to hold up a store and got locked away for BREAKING THE LAW!

The people who push this agenda of White Privilege don’t want to accept responsibility, they would prefer to point fingers instead of get to the root of the problem, and that is the people in their community, and the culture they are bought up in. Gangster Rap is not just music, it is culture, if you are raised to be a dickhead with idiot rappers telling you to commit crimes and giving you EXCUSES for doing so, you’re going to be an idiot who will not benefit society. If you’re living in Melbourne and you look at flinders street station of a night time, you will see idiots lining the stairs adorned with bandannas and what not, intimidating innocent people that walk by, you look at state library, yet again, now we have “Eshay Lads” in the mix too, you walk up and down Swanson street and you will likely see groups of wannabe thugs acting like they’re top shit but In their effort to “walk tough” they instead look like they are copping anal from a large dildo. These are the people that will blame “white people” for all their problems; not the fact they got onto drugs, got kicked out of home, can’t be bothered looking for work, dropped out of school, robbed someone so they got locked up, instead it is apparently the evil work of “white privilege”. I challenge any one of these “gangsters” to go up to a white homeless person and call them privileged. By blaming white people, you are helping NO ONE! Especially yourself.

White Privilege is a card that people play when they don’t want to take responsibility for their own mistakes; There is not one law in ANY western country that favours white above black. Look at Victoria now, is it White Privilege that African offenders of gang violence get a slap on the wrist and get sent away just to be back next week for doing the same thing, yet the elderly person they robbed is still shocked and now upset that justice isn’t being served? Is that white privilege? Is it write Privilege that an African woman can kill a boy with her car and then get off on community service? Is that white Privilege? Or is that minority privilege? Because you get off easier than white people do. Stop blaming other people for your own mistakes, you are in a bad situation with the law because you put yourself there, you don’t have education because you dropped out, again, you put yourself there. Blaming everyone else won’t solve anything. Sorry not sorry. Act like an adult, don’t throw a tantrum when you can’t get your own way, and accept responsibility. Because I as a white person, will not feel bad for your life choices. Don’t expect to get babied through your whole life.

If anyone wants me to do an article debunking white Privilege, comment “I am white and unapologetic” let’s get this article out there, everyone needs to know the truth.


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