A “journalist” working for ‘The Guardian’ has seen her 2018 column go viral again this week. She proclaimed this sweeping conclusion: “Do you boast about your fitness? Watch out – you’ll unavoidably become rightwing

This so-called journalist Zoe Williams, based in the United Kingdom, wrote: “I’m not sure what exercise does for your body, but I do know what it does to your personality. And it’s not pretty.” Zoe is a left-wing writer for ‘The Guardian’. She fits the bill for a stereotypical jealous wildebeest. From her picture, you can tell a lot.

Although she managed to spit out paragraph upon paragraph of garbage, she never actually at any point told us how exercise makes us right-wing, all she managed to do was go on a massive tirade about how much she hates people who are physically more attractive than herself.

Zoe even admits that she has been writing a fitness column for a year and in that entire time has actually managed to digest zero information about what fitness does to the body. Basically, she is still unqualified to speak on this subject, but as you can expect, she went ahead with her tirade nonetheless.

Further on she wrote, “As part of #FitnessDay, some stark figures were revealed; 1.4m cats don’t get enough exercise. Before you wonder how to spur your cat to better self-care, consider: a cat would never tell you about the time it pushed itself to the max. Those felines exercise plenty, but they don’t bang on about it, because they are cool.”

… What is she on about?…

By now, you may have noticed she hasn’t actually managed to create any correlation between fitness and politics. All she has done so far is complain about fitness, yoga, and now 1.4m physically inactive cats. Let’s read further…

Zoe then goes on to complain about viewing our soldiers as heroic, saying: “How heroic do you find the armed forces? And is that just those in active combat, or also the ones who fix army IT and count parachutes?”

Now she’s just talking gibberish, none of this is even remotely related to fitness anymore, none of this is related to rightwing politics, none of this is proving anything except her evidence-free writing style.

The last subheading still has me scratching my head. It reads: “The fashion accessory for when you don’t feel like talking to people”. Why is this even here? Below is the final paragraph of this absolute garbage article.

“From the people who brought you the Ostrich Pillow – which lets you nap anywhere, the next best thing to being a baby – comes the three-way hood: you can wear it as a hood, or as a snood, but its unique selling point is “eclipse mode”, where you pull it right over your face and that alerts people to the fact that you don’t want to talk to them. So, someone has just reinvented a pillowcase, for a generation of people who have forgotten how to deploy a simple, offputting grumpy face. It’s the hood that says hell-in-a-handcart.”

DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON?! What has this even remotely got to do with fitness? All this seems like is the ramblings of someone jealous of the physically fit. This has proven nothing about the correlation between exercise and rightwing politics.

But, as always, the Far Left will continuously come up with new ways to shame people who are better than they. This is a whole new level of skinny shaming and a bunch of fat-acceptance rubbish made to shame people who take care of themselves and refuse to be massive slobs. I’m out and I think I might go to the gym for a while… I haven’t felt so far-right before.

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