Today let’s have a look at the “Fat acceptance movement”, before this happens though, why is it called a movement, when obese people can hardly move at all? I’m going to stop making jokes. So the fat acceptance movement has to be one of the most cruelest movements the Social Justice Wankers have put out there. Fat acceptance is anti women, encouraging women to not be beautiful, but to turn themselves into ugly and hideous creatures is nothing short of cruelty. Calling beautiful women “Oppressive” just because “Olga the fat cat lady’s husband” prefers Linda the skinny blonde that diets and exercises.

The fat acceptance movement is nothing more than a club for the ones that can’t be bothered putting in the effort to be healthy and then acting like they have the right to complain when men go for women like Linda instead of Olga the ogre. Being fat is unhealthy, you are not “healthy at every size”, if you are on the edge of a heart attack every time you move, you’re not healthy, and not taking care of your health, is not beautiful. All these people live in their own world (because earth is too small for them) <—- last joke I swear! They don’t want to accept the reality, the problem is not with everyone else, it’s with them, this movement has hurt women mentally and physically, they tell these oversized women that they are “beautiful at any size and there is nothing wrong with resembling a walrus on steroids” but the women end up distraught when no guy will sleep with them (unless he’s desperate or unconscious). Then of course when they can’t get male attention, they say as always “the men are oppressive and Fatphobic” yes I am Fatphobic, especially if the manatee intends to sit on me.

I feel sorry for these women that have been taught by feminists to disregard their health, to disregard their appearance, they aren’t making women alluring. Spraying your period blood on a canvas to make a picture isn’t going to make me want to be anywhere near you, when you #PeeForEquality, I want to jump in front of a train to make it stop. Feminism has hurt women more than helped them, women should be indulging in their femininity, not trying to look like a dyke with a shaven head and a body like a beached whale. Women should be ENCOURAGED to seek a healthy lifestyle, to not be prone to heart failure on the way from the lounge to the kitchen. Women should be ENCOURAGED to indulge themselves in being a woman, not an ogre. Feminism should be there to IMPROVE women, not tear them down.

So to the feminists, I URGE you to shave your armpits and your pubic hairs, shave your legs, hit the gym, go on a diet, start caring for your hygiene because to be perfectly honest you all stink; and last but not least, BE A WOMAN! NOT SHREK!

One last thing: I don’t see any fat acceptance protests down Swanston street or anywhere else in public… I wonder why?

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