Australian Pro Life Movement Not Defeated After All with NSW Victory


Probably one of the most demonised groups in Australia, for some bizarre reason is the pro-life movement. This movement which has the noble aims of protecting the lives of the unborn and provide a better way to care for women with unplanned pregnancies is vilified by our media and cultural elite as being anti-science and misogynistic.

Some of our states have the worst abortion laws in the western world. Any politician who dares dissent from the politically correct pro-abortion position is dragged through the coals. Our society has been on a disturbing projection on the abortion issue that you are now not even allowed to suggest there may be better alternatives for women. A culture of death has emerged over recent years and feminists now even believe abortion is even a better choice than adoption.

However yesterday the pro-life movement, despite the constant campaign against them had a significant victory in the state of New South Wales. Two private member’s bills were put forth to the state’s Legislate Council. One was from Greens MLC Mehreen Faruqi which would have made abortion legal in the state right up until the point of birth and takes away doctors’ right to consciously object to referring patients for an abortion, the other by far left Labor MLC Penny Sharpe would have introduced so called buffer zones outside abortion clinics which would have prevented pro-life campaigners from offering information to women thinking about abortion.

The proposed legislation was so extreme that even politicians and members of the public who would describe themselves as pro-choice were horrified that its enactment could result in healthily nine-month-old babies being killed. It would have mirrored the legislation in neighbouring Victoria.

Despite a mainstream media campaign and ever empowered radical feminist movement who believe that the right to kill a child is somehow an unquestionable right, both bills were defeated 25 votes to 14. Despite leftist infiltration of the Coalition parties in New South Wales none of its MLC’s supported it.

Credit has to go to pro-life activists for this against the odds outcome, especially to the group Youth for Life Australia which organised a petition against the proposed bills which had 56,559 signatures. A petition in favour of the legislation could only muster 2,028 signatures. Although signatures do not equal votes this would demonstrate that the alleged pro-abortion consensus we are told exists in Australia is something of a myth.

The pro-abortion cheer squad were stunned at the bill’s defeat. Articles from BuzzFeed and even the Daily Telegraph spun the result as one that means that women continue to be punished.

The media also wheeled out an 80-year-old woman who had an abortion in 1950s lambasting the politicians who voted down the bill. Helen as she was called didn’t explain why she had an abortion but in the 1950s there was much shame in being an unwed pregnant woman which made abortion an attractive option. Thankfully today we are much less judgemental and pro-lifers believe that all woman who have unplanned pregnancies deserve our support and should not be judged for how they came to be in this situation. If Helen fell pregnant today it would be hoped she would know this.

This is the second victory the Australian pro-life movement has had this year with the defeat of a similar bill in Queensland. This would suggest that movement for life is having somewhat of a resurgence, despite all the vitriol directed at it. This is most likely because in the age of the internet the full horrors of what abortion involves cannot be hidden by the abortion industry, as once people are exposed what it is really about they react with revulsion.

But there is still much to be done in Australia to reduce the extraordinarily high abortion rate in Australia. But the pro-life movement is growing and beginning to influence the public debate. Even in the left-wing state of Victoria there is a growing push to have pro-life politicians elected and to fix that state’s horrific abortion laws. The recent successes of the pro-life movement in the United States surely provides some inspirations. New Zealand also has resisted calls to liberalize their abortion laws. The unborn deserve better, women deserve better and New South Wales decided to value the sanctity of life and rejected the culture of death.

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