Knowledge Report: The Democratic Truman Show

This whole election was strange and I smelt a rat. So I did a little investigation and hunted for a conspiracy. This is what I’ve concluded. I hope you enjoy:


Our fake elections explained.

From the Andy Nolch Show. Bitchute channel:

Look this is just crazy, Albanese should not have been sworn in as Australia’s new Prime Minister as early as he was. A party needs 76 seats of the House of Representatives (51%) to win the election and form the new government. At the end of election night, Albanese’s Labor party was only projected to win around 70 seats, yet he claimed the victory and Morrison conceded. He hadn’t won yet. What made him so confident that Labor would get to 76 seats? 

When it comes to calling who will be the new Prime Minister you don’t just guess. It’s like you being in a race and you’re in the lead, yet there’s still 200metres to go, then you just stop running and walk over to the podium and stand on the number 1 spot and announce that you won. That’s strange right? 

We’l that’s essentially what happened in this election. But compared to sport this early claim of victory makes even less sense. Sport you just have to be ahead of all the others to win, that’s not the case with our elections. You have to win that 51% requirement of the seats in the House of representatives. So yes he was ahead of the Liberals that night but Labor was not the victor until they got to 76 seats. It could have occurred that most of the seats remaining went to the Liberals with pre-poll, mail-in and absentee ballots still to be counted. This would leave Labor at around 72 seats or so, thus not enough to form the new government. What if that happened? 

Albanese had already flown overseas and the world was told that he had won. 

So it was totally possible he could not have won, yet Scott congratulated Albanese and Albanese accepted victory.  On election night we are getting tricked into thinking who is ahead is the winner, this is a lie. It was inappropriate he claimed victory that night and to have been sworn in as our new PM two days later. Remember also that no results had been made official by the AEC when he had been sworn in, the votes hadn’t been double-checked or anything officially declared. Only now has the counting been officially completed.       

This recent election was strange, and I smelt a rat. So I did a little investigation and hunted for a conspiracy. This is what I’ve found. I hope you enjoy:  

The powers that be, the communist deep state, want definite winners of the elections we have. They don’t like hung parliaments (when there’s no clear winner), they don’t like politicians arguing forever in parliament and not passing bills they all disagree on. It’s considered governmental chaos. The deep state commies work hard to make sure one party wins in our so called democratic system. And it always has to be one party out of the two parties they control. They’ve created the two party system. It doesn’t have to be that always the same two parties win elections, but they’ve made it that way by keeping the minor parties out of it. They exclude them from debates, they always quote the two-party preferred vote in opinion polls, the minor party votes are barely mentioned. They are manipulating it all to create the two party system. They want a simple two-party system where they control both of the parties that form a government and where the winners are always clearly defined. Liberal Party commentators in the mainstream media were saying how pleased they were that Labor won a majority in the House rather than it be a hung parliament. I suspect that the communist deep state intelligence agencies are used to achieve this. And that is my conspiracy. 

They take care and look after our elections, in more honest words they rig and manipulate them.

The deep state would consider it national security that there is only one party in government. In Australia it’s ASIO, in America it’s the FBI, in England it’s MI5. These groups dedicated to secret activities hold serious power in their respective countries. And it makes me sick! 

They are tools of the international communists who decide their covert operations. I suspect they look at each election well over a year before it is to happen. They look at the polls and unofficial unpublished surveys to find out who’s likely to win. If one of their parties is going to be the clear winner then they don’t do anything. If one of their parties looks like they might just only win then they help this party get more votes by doing a white propaganda campaign in the media they control. This leads to a definite win by that party and no potential hung parliament. Remember this communist deep state is the real international government that never changes. Notice how no matter what new politician wins we still get the same leftist crap from our government?   

Yeh one might not be as communist as the other, but essentially they all love socialism and would never dare to even think that maybe we dont need all this government doing all these things in our lives. The deep state commies are always there. 

Call them the illuminati, the globalists, the elite or the BANKERS! 

Whatever but this network of controllers oversee our fake democracies, and they’ve made them fake! 

This is why most of the western democracies have the same terrible two-party system, red vs blue, lefty vs more lefty, its all the same crap no matter which democracy you are in. This indicates to me we have the same controlling network influencing nation after nation across the globe, pumping the same socialist crap down all our throats. From Scotland to Italy, to America and Australia this system doesn’t give the public the government they want. The democracies are a scam, and so they really aren’t democracies. Now back to what they do in an election. 

If it looks like there is going to be a draw (a hung parliament) then they pick a side to support and a side to trash. White propaganda for the side they want to win, black propaganda for the side they want to lose. Plus they probably drum up support from a third minor party or independents that would assist the side they have chosen to win, in the case that it still turns out to be a close election. Remember this is all about making sure one of their parties gets to the 76 seat requirement and forms the new government in the house of representatives. This is why in the history of our elections hung parliaments have been extremely rare and have been demonised by mainstream commentators. They dont want them and they are making sure they dont occur for national security reasons. As a security intelligence agency, its their job to make sure the nation is safe, thus a hung parliament leads to the nation running into many problems, the socialistic system we live under starts to fail if bills dont get passed in parliament, thus they have no choice but to interfere in our elections. Personally I wouldn’t mind if the socialistic system ceased operating, wed be freer, but these people who all rely on an income from the government, who are all government workers certainly have a personal stake in making sure the system is always operating, they are socialists because it benefits them, thus they make sure theres always clear winners in elections.   

If it looks like one of the minor parties is going to win or even simply go well in the election then they will run a long-term covert operation to destroy that party. 

Remember the intelligence agencies control the police, the news content, the tax departments etc, they have agents and assets all over the joint. Some sort of crime can be dreamed up that this minor party has “committed” and their leader can be trashed publicly and sent to jail (no reference to Pauline Hanson here at all of course). This would put an end to the troublesome far right party they’d say.  Notice how major party politicians can get away with actual serious crimes, especially if they are particularly leftist? 

Well, they are being protected by the agencies. Did you hear how Barillaro sent agents after Friendly Jordies, they weren’t normal police. And what about how Dan Andrews managed to stop rumours about his “fall” from properly getting in the mainstream media. How did he do that? 

These politicians have secret help. The justice system is a political tool of the agencies too. In fact Trump had managed to take over one of the major parties in America, and he even won an election after they rigged it, the 2016 one. He was that popular that they underestimated the amount of rigging they needed to do. And also Hillary, their picked candidate was that unpopular. The next election though they were fully prepared and made Trump “lose” and since then they have been trying to destroy Trump’s team using communist judges and lawyers in an attempt to get them all locked up so that Trump, a politician they dont control cant get reelected. They are doing election tampering before its even happened. This is standard operating procedure for them. They think in terms of years. Honestly, Trump did a brilliant job at taking over a major deep state communist controlled party, he gives us all hope. And he lets us know what will happen if someone else manages to game the manipulated system too. Tony Abbott ran up against a similar program in Australia. It’s as if the intelligence agencies have a file they pull out from a draw ‘what to do if a right wing politician manages to beat our manipulated system’ and it’s a list of things they do, a big to do list. Constant media attacks is the main card they use. Placing a leftist agent into the winning side to destabilise it is another, Trump with Pence and Abbott with Turnbill.  

They will not stop going after proper right wingers until they are destroyed

It’s just how they operate, nothing personal of course.  The next tool they have in their kit is to rig an election which i mentioned a little earlier and remember this isn’t as hard to do as we think. I spoke with two UAP voting scrutineers from different states and they both were surprised at how little the vote counts were supervised. They were the only scrutineers there! 

It wouldn’t be too hard for an intelligence agency to do a vote rigging operation. And factor in that nowadays elections, probably due to covid, have pre poll or postal votes of more than 50%! 

Thats huge. Where are the pre poll votes stored? 

For Knox? 

I doubt it. Couldn’t they be altered or switched?  

Also what about the postal votes? 

America had a huge rigging operation done using postal votes which Trump warned them about months before the election. I haven’t seen any evidence indicating that our recent election was rigged but one thing I do know is that rigging is possible, I’m that certain, and I’m sure the deep state will rely on it if they need to.  So in this recent election they saw that it was going to be a hung parliament. They had to prevent this by running a white propaganda campaign for Labour, a black one for the Liberals and its leader Scott Morrison. Who is one of their assets, but he’s not the asset they want to win. The mainstream media did quite a bit of personal attacks on Scott making him out to be a woman-hater when he isn’t, losing him many female votes. They promoted the Teals (Labor supporting “independents”). After the media propaganda if Labor still didn’t get to the 76 seat requirement then they would call on the support of these Teals to make up those seats, and of course they would do this because the Teals stood for everything Labor did. No matter what Labour was going to get to 76 seats and win this election. It was decided a long time ago. Labour ended up not having to rely on Teal support if the count is to be believed. Yet they did rely on them to win in a way as Teal voters preferenced Labour ahead of the liberals. With the preferential voting system we have, the fake independent Teals can be used to help win an election and they were this time round. I bet you intelligence agency support were behind the teals. Think about it. How the hell did so many teals win key seats? 

Independent candidates are usually failures, sorry to say it, but it’s true. 

So I bet you that was a clever operation done by them.   

Why they called Albanese’s victory early was because it had already been decided. They needed to send the message to Australians ‘this is your new prime minister, Labor won’. A clear simple message within 24 hrs of the election. Move on, nothing more to see here people. A definite victor in the House of Representatives.   

They treat us like children in these fake democracies. We need nurturing, care and manipulation according to them, we need scary facts hidden from us, elections are adult only business they think. They hold a classic communist ruling attitude towards us like in the 1984 book. They probably consider us retards that have no right to determine who is elected in the nation. And you know what I might even agree a bit with that, but i sure dont agree with tricking everyone into thinking we are living in a democracy when we ain’t. Id almost rather go back to a dictatorship or a king, at least in that system your not constantly being lied to and manipulated in a disgusting way.   

So that’s about it. Thats my conspiracy about this election and probably all elections in western democracies. Now one last thing, if it was going to be hung parliament, why did they choose Labor over the Liberals to make the winner?  

We’ll two things they are pushing hard currently are climate change and feminism. Labour supports these communist agendas more. Of the two parties they control Labour is more under their control. So they get the rewards for being such good little commies. This is all part of a long-term operation they have been running on our nation. 


They consider their action to be looking after the nation, thus the world. Fake elections, depopulation vaccines, are all done for world security actually. And they have just done another successful operation on us, and we have to acknowledge it and then continue to swing the people to the right, a place where our happiness and living standards are higher. Let’s not feel powerless in the depressing system we are under. Knowledge of how it works is power, and it feels good to see the man behind the curtain even if we cant get him to go away. The 1984 scenario they are working towards should be fought, and we can enjoy this challenge. Computer games aside, this is the real game. Please spread the word about our fake elections. 

Democracy is just the Truman Show.

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Andy Nolch is news minus the propaganda. He exposes communist propaganda in the mainstream media and seeks to stop the leftist cult which has taken over western civilisation from capturing your mind.
Andy Nolch is news minus the propaganda. He exposes communist propaganda in the mainstream media and seeks to stop the leftist cult which has taken over western civilisation from capturing your mind.
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