Government Shills ANTIFA Rally Against Freedom Protesters in NZ


Some big freedom protests have occurred recently in New Zealand and ANTIFA has been holding counter protests against them. It seems that they hate people wanting freedom and instead love the tyrannical regime Jacinta Arden’s government is putting them under. And when you think about it these bizarre counter protests make sense, throughout history communists have taken over many countries and this has lead to states that always seem to involve excessive strict policing and violations of peoples freedoms, so of course ANTIFA is loving the NZ government at the moment! If the NZ government was freedom respecting instead ANTIFA would probably be out there radically demonstrating against them rather than trying to protect the system like they are now. 

How the freedom protesters are “racist” god only knows. As you can hear Rukshan saying in the video the freedom protesters are actually more multi cultural than the lefties are.

NZ’s government has banned Rebel News citizen journalist Avi Yemini from visiting to film the protests. The past criminal record of him throwing a chopping board a person was enough for them to deny him entry, although I guarantee you that right now people with bigger criminal histories, bigger than just throwing a chopping board at someone, would be allowed to enter. It’s clear this is political. David Icke was denied entry to Australia even though he has no criminal record at all, they simply labelled him as anti jewish, which he isn’t and that was enough to get him denied entry. He isn’t even anti jewish and even if someone was anti jewish thats no reason to be denied entry. People are free to dislike whoever they want, only physical criminal actions like stabbing someone etc should constitute reasons for entry denial. This illogicalness means they are not telling us the real reason why they deny people entry into these “democratic” countries. They are lying to us. The NZ government also tried to make Melbourne’s Real Rukshan miss his flight into the country by causing a bizarre passport barcode error to occur. They simply stopped his passport from working is what happened. Eventually he got it sorted out and made his flight on time. Note to any right winger wanting to travel and engage in independent journalism: Arrive very early to the airport, the communist intelligence agency might be doing an operation to block your trip! 

To want a communist police state is such a strange obsession for these ANTIFA people to have, especially for us who love freedom, we cannot fathom such bizarre desires. But let’s just look into, it makes sense. Lefties really do have a huge history of violating the hell out of peoples freedoms. Also many countries who have had communist takeovers tend to experience mass murders, so it’s not just freedom violations! Yes death in the millions occurred in places like Cambodia, China, Russia etc. So it’s not just freedom violations communism engages in, it’s far worse. It’s almost as if these communist states are only violating freedom so that they can achieve their main goal of depopulation. That’s the goal, reducing the population to save the world, and violating peoples freedoms and increasing the police state is necessary to achieve this, thats really why they really are so tyrannical. They are sickos and ‘Communism’ simply might just mean ‘a depopulation obsessed political movement.’ Look at all the things they stand for, they all contribute to killing off our society. Tranny story time for kids, abortions, forced medical treatments(dovid dab), government green energy takeover of farms which lead to reduced food supplies and starvations, all these things help to reduce the population regardless of whatever bullshit sales line they use when promoting them. 

This is the true definition of communism: ‘A political movement pretending to help the masses but really aiming for the depopulating of them, a trick movement.’ There you go Oxford dictionary, use it. That’s the truth we don’t hear often. Also ad ‘and secretly funded by greedy international mega capitalists’. And now the west who has been taken over by lefty communists is experiencing a secret mass murder operation via the healthcare system(dovid dab). How predictable. We are experiencing mass murder by the communist government right now, it’s happening again, it’s just that it’s in the west this time. Communist lefties everywhere in our government are at work now in our nation doing what their movement did to many other nations in the past. Mass murder. The latest mass murdering operation though involves more scientific and technical techniques. It’s definitely better hidden. The commies have gotten cleverer. By the way no official announcement has been made but over the past 50 years Australia has moved to being more and more communist and we are now a complete commie controlled state! Yes this place is like those scary stories from Cambodia back in the 70s with Pol Pot and all these people dying. New Zealand too, this is why there are freedom protests going on there at the moment. New Zealanders have had enough. The NZ government and all the other socialist world governments want obedient citizenry only, not protesters begging for freedom, they want a bunch of robot zombie rule followers who taken whatever the government tells them to take-a masked ANTIFA member is what they love!

A TYPICAL ANTIFA ACTIVIST. Note the stunted growth and troll look, he is clearly an unhealthy degenerate with numerous DNA errors. He’s like a character from Lord of the Rings. Also notice his his t-shirt, he is anti fascist but ok with tyrannical communism, that’s clearly an illogical oxymoron and a sign of mental retardation, which radical leftist tend to suffer from.

Lefties whether they are high IQ politicians in a nice suit or mentally ill ANTIFA demon agents with unmatching rainbow socks all agree that the government should kill people, essentially. Now they might not admit this in a conversation, heck I don’t even think they are aware of it! But they all agree on actions that ultimately lead to death for us all. Remember the left are mentally ill, so you can’t go by what they think of their beliefs. They have no idea whats going on! For example you could talk to a mentally ill person in a psych ward who has a huge stealing history, you could ask them ‘do you steal a lot?’ and they will probably say ‘no’. Why such an incorrect answer? BECAUSE THEY ARE INSANE! They have no idea what’s going on and so the same with the left, ask them if they support mass murder of the citizens by the government and they will say ‘no’ but that isn’t the truth, they don’t even know what they believe or support. They support it for sure! In fact all their answers about anything political is unreliable. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE MENTALLY RETARDED DEGENERATES! They are nutter out patients that don’t require 24/7 care in a hospital. We are lucky they are not banging their heads against the wall. They contribute to mass murdering governments and are not even aware of it. Heck they make mass murdering governments! 

Anyway, so these ANTIFA counter protesters in NZ make absolute sense. By the way they must be loving the tyrannical covid regimes of western governments in these recent years. This must be their “Utopian days.” Lefties if you are reading this can you stop and sit down and think about all the crap the government has done these past few years, all the police state stuff, and just think about it and enjoy it. Do it for me. Seriously get in there and love it. You are in heaven, this is your golden age, its your communist utopia, oh gosh think how good it yes, yes mmmm oh soo good, yes Dan Andrews hire more police, oh yes pepper spray old lady freedom protesters hahaha those right wing scum, yes body slam arrest another person at a protest cops please. Oh let the Black Lives Matter protest go ahead unhindered, OMG soo good, Oh roll out another massive government spending program, I LOVE IT! Yes more green energy scam stuff, more LIGHTBULBS HELL YEEHHH ohh more forced medical treatments for our safety, OHH BRING BACK THE LOCKDOWNS YESSSS!!! oh yes its soo good, more forced this and that, yes more government involvement for our safety, government everywhere, everywhere, EVERYWHERE!!! yes more leftist cult crap in all our lives OHH YESSS!!’

Man they must be so happy these days. And there’s no need for them to bother counter protesting because their guys are in power. It’s strange that they do it, do they even realise that? Do they know that lefties rule the west? Heck the right wing politicians aren’t even really right wing and are just pretending to be, and they are barely even doing that! That’s how lefty they are. Gosh the left must be so happy right now, they are on the winning side. Congratulations guys, enjoy it while it lasts. 

But for us right wingers who want a sensible government, some freedoms and to simply be left alone by the government with no communist brainwashing, it’s tough isn’t it? But I think we need to realise that the degenerates of any area like to get together every now and then, take over the government and reap havoc to freedoms and cause mass deaths. It’s just how it is, a fact of life. They gravitate together into socialist governments. So if you are ever on the board of a local town or something like that be careful to spot a mental degenerate, they cannot be allowed to have any power, it’s dangerous. Allowing these type of people into government, leadership roles, and CEO type jobs implodes a nation. Look for illogicalness to spot them.

Communism is rule by the degenerate. You can add that to your definition Oxford. Let’s kick these commies out of government and leadership roles in our society, return the place to rationality, so continue your good work fellow New Zealand freedom fighters!

For a briefing about the class system and where lefties lie on it watch this video from the Andy Nolch Show

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Andy Nolch is news minus the propaganda. He exposes communist propaganda in the mainstream media and seeks to stop the leftist cult which has taken over western civilisation from capturing your mind. Check out the Andy Nolch Show for a good trustworthy weekly news summary. Because when life becomes a battleground, knowledge is your best weapon.
Andy Nolch is news minus the propaganda. He exposes communist propaganda in the mainstream media and seeks to stop the leftist cult which has taken over western civilisation from capturing your mind. Check out the Andy Nolch Show for a good trustworthy weekly news summary. Because when life becomes a battleground, knowledge is your best weapon.