Why Are The Media Really Attacking Scott Morrison?

Are the journalists now attacking Scott Morrison for not doing enough to fight the fires just sore losers after their side lost last year’s election?


The media assault on Scott Morrison during the current bushfire crisis has been unrelenting, spiteful and full of so much bile that certain left leaning members of the fourth estate must now be in need of gall bladder transplants.

One of the proudest aspects of Australian culture is how in times of crisis and national disaster we pull together and put our minor differences aside. Whether it be drought, cyclone flood or fire we as a community put everyday political issues to the side and join together in a common cause. But not this time. This time the left wanted revenge, so f*ck the customary civility.

The claim that the attacks on Scott Morrison are justified due to him leaving for a family Christmas holiday are laughable. The ALP Premiers of Victoria and Queensland as well as the Liberal Deputy Premier of NSW also took end of year holidays without the media seeming to mind at all. This despite the fact that in our country emergency response and firefighting are primarily the responsibility of the states.

Anyone who has watched the social media accounts of
Australian journalists from all outlets (even the supposedly “right wing”
Newscorp) since the May election knows what is really behind this avalanche of
hate. The media and their little band of Twitter friends have been enraged at
the fact that they lost the election since the moment Penny Wong almost broke
down on the ABC as the results came in. They’ve managed to get the hastag
#Libspill in the top ten for Australia at least three times based off nothing
more than wishful thinking. Australian journalists are overwhelmingly left
wing, and they were miffed at best by the fact that Morrison was able to win a
miracle election and that the ALP has continued their dismal record of only
winning a single election outright out of the last nine.

If Bill Shorten had won in May and had done exactly the same things as Morrison most of the journalists now frothing at the mouth and writing frenzied, spittle flecked articles in between semi-deranged tweets would be defending and excusing him. Remember these same snivelling journalists who are now condemning Scott Morrison for not doing more are the same ones who condemned Tony Abbott for physically fighting fires himself.

Tony Abbott
Remember, they attacked (and still attack) this guy for ACTUALLY FIGHTING FIRES. Do you really think there is anything Morrison could have done to placate the insanity of the rabid left?

These same scribbling scumbags who pose piously in their
articles and television news pieces as worried citizens concerned that the
Prime Minister is showing insufficient leadership have spent most of the last year
making jokes about him shitting himself, mocking his faith, calling him “Scotty
from Marketing” and suggesting that he is at best a fraud unfit to be Prime

You see that’s the thing about the modern age. In the old
days us plebs couldn’t hear what the journlists were saying to each other in
privae, so the media could pretend that their persona political opinions didn’t
affect their reporting.

Now we have Twitter and apparently, Australian journalists
are constitutionally incapable of not sharing their every thought, prejudice
and opinion that passes through their mostly empty heads.

Sadly some idiots have bought the story the filthy denizens of the newsroom floor are selling, but it won’t last. It’s a long time till the next election and Scott Morrison may yet have cause to thank the press for this insane over the top hate-storm. After all they’ve just politicised a bushfire in which people have died just to attack a politician they dislike. As the embers cool and the smoke clears the Australian public will have time to reflect, and history shows (especially that of John Howard) that in the aftermath of confected media hate frenzies it is rarely the target who suffers most in the long term.

There’s a reason after all that every year people trust the
press less and less; even less in fact than they trust politicians.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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