In not surprising news the leftist media and activists have yet launched another assault on Australia’s strong border security. This started yesterday when the Fairfax papers revealed that the federal government in response to asylum seekers parking themselves in Australia when they have been transferred from Manus Island and Nauru to receive medical treatment is cutting off government income and accommodation support to the 100 asylum seekers currently here under that circumstance.

This sparked the usual cries of heartlessness and cruelty from refugee advocates and the threats of legal action. Leftist raged on social media and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton also earned a shout out from Australia’s leading regressive Yassmin Abdel-Magied.

But Peter Dutton today hit back as we would expect him to do hit back against the Fairfax reports and told the real story when appearing on Alan Jones on 2GB. Which was that these asylum seekers once they had landed in Australia used legal avenues available to them to stay put in Australia “The medical assistance has been provided and there is no need for them to remain in Australia and yet through these legal moves, they’ve found themselves a way [to remain]”.

Dutton elaborated further that they couldn’t simply send these asylum seekers back to Manus Island or Nauru “Well, there’s constitutional issues involved as you well know [and] we can’t pass legislation to dispel with that difficulty of the constitution” so the government had no other alternative but to pursue this new action.

Dutton also hit out at the legal profession who represent these asylum seekers pro bono which have the additional effect of clogging up our courts and incurring legal costs for the taxpayers “It goes back to your earlier remarks, Alan, about all the political correctness out there … and it extends into some of our major law firms, where part of their social justice agenda is for pro bono work to be provided … and it costs the taxpayer tens of millions each year.”

Asked by Alan Jones if this behaviour from the legal profession was un-Australian Dutton replied “Of course it is”. This prompted another round of outrage from the usual leftist crowd and the Law Council of Australia has already put out a statement condemning Dutton’s comments.

Of course the real reason Dutton is pursing this action is because he and the rest of the government know that showing any sign of weakness on their position that no asylum seekers who come to Australia by boat will be allowed to be settle here, that it would invite the people smuggling trade to restart and we would be swamped with boats like Europe has been for the past two years.

Dutton’s actions have also once again exposed the weakness of the Labor Party on the issue of border security and asylum seekers with Bill Shorten calling the decision the government’s “weakest move yet”. Also bizarrely the Australian Council of Trade Unions which is meant to protect local jobs will be campaigning for the asylum seekers to stay in Australia. Their President Ged Kearney stated “This is a callous, cynical and cruel decision. It deserves scorn and condemnation. It will be resisted”.

If the Turnbull Government wants to rescue its position in the polls then it should be reminding voters more often about what would happen to our borders under a Shorten Labor Government. The floodgates would once again be flung open, Shorten despite Labor now supporting boat turn-backs would easily capitulate to the party’s left.

Dutton has once again made a strong case why he should be considered the next Liberal leader, in the face of all the abuse he receives for standing up for Australia’s borders he stands firm and as Alan Jones described him he’s “as tough as nails”. It is no wonder the left are always demanding he be sacked and GetUp have launched a campaign to unseat him at the next election.

So don’t fall for the leftist headlines, all the government is doing is making sure that our border security cannot be subverted one little bit.



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