After the full reality of the backlash to the photo of her holding Donald Trump’s blooded severed head hit Kathy Griffin back in June she put out an immediate apology video. She then followed that up with one of the most pathetic press conferences in recent history. Crying she claimed that President Trump ‘broke her’ and predicted ‘I don’t think I’ll have a career after this’. She also accused Trump of ‘trying to ruin my life forever’.

The backlash in the United States was severe with universal condemnation from the mainstream media and CNN fired her from their annual New Year’s Eve coverage. The remaining dates for her stand-up tour of the United States were cancelled by the venues. She was also questioned by the secret service over the photo.

But now it seems as is usually the case with leftists the backlash appears to have blown over and she is resuming her career as normal despite tears that it was over. She has just announced a tour of Australia and New Zealand hosted by corporate touring giant Live Nation.

In a clear indication that she was not really sorry for the Trump photo the tour is titled the “Laugh Your Head Off World Tour”. The promotional photo mimics the infamous Trump photo as instead of holding up his blooded head she is holding up a world globe.

She is already promoting this tour to the Australian media with an appearance on Sunrise this morning where she also took back her apology for the photo “No, I don’t apologise for that photo anymore and I think the outrage is complete BS because we have real things to deal with”. She also accused host Samantha Armytage of supposedly betraying the feminist sisterhood “But I’m in trouble according to you, Sam, way to take my back girl.”

It would appear Griffin only apologized when she thought her career might be over, now that it is back on track she is more than happy to be unrepentant. It is also worth pointing out that a person who held up a blooded severed head of the US President has a tour of Australia facilitated yet a person of the right such as Ayaan Hirsi Aly is forced to cancel her tour of Australia because of security concerns. So glorifying violence is fine but speaking out against violence because it is by leftist victim group is bad?

I don’t want Griffin’s tour cancelled or Peter Dutton to cancel her visa on character grounds. But all I ask is the same freedom for controversial people of the right to tour Australia is extended. The left clearly does not respect such freedom as there was a petition by feminists to have Red Pill director Cassie Jaye banned from Australia. In 2015 Peter Dutton cancelled the visa of US pro-life activist Troy Newman under pressure from feminists.

Griffin’s rapid career recovery is yet another example of the double standard that applies when leftist public figures cross the line. It is also a sad reflection on the decency of our society that somebody like Kathy Griffin feels that she can now take back her apology for such a vile act. Let’s hope that there are more journalists like Armytage in Australia willing to hold Griffin to account for her now non-apology when she arrives here.

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