With less than a week to go until the Western Australian State Election, the political establishment are now panicking over the fact that Pauline Hanson’s One Nation may do particularly well and hold the balance of power in the new Western Australian Upper House. But it is not the usual suspects getting triggered by and condemning Pauline this week, it is the alleged conservative side of politics.

The avalanche of attacks began when Pauline Hanson appeared on the ABC’s Insiders program on Sunday. During the interview, she expressed her view that the federal government’s no jab, no pay policy was a ‘dictatorship’ and advised parents to do their own research before vaccinating their child. This resulted in condemnation from various Coalition members including Treasurer Scott Morrison who said ‘’These are just common sense things which I think are very established’’.

During the same interview, she praised Vladimir Putin’s strong leadership by saying “I respect the man. He is very patriotic towards his country, the people love him, he is doing so well for the country. So many Australians here want that leadership here in Australia’’. When asked about the shooting down of MH17 she pointed out “Have you got the proof he did it? Did he push the button?”.

Turnbull jumped in to condemn her remarks “That was a shocking international crime (MH17). Vladimir Putin’s Russia is not, and should not be, an object of admiration in any respect.” Just for the record, it is obviously clear flight MH17 has nothing to do with Pauline’s comments on Putin in the first place. Her opponents are simply shifting the goal posts here instead of focusing on what Pauline was actually saying.

It would appear that the Liberal Party and conservatives are starting to cave into the relentless mainstream media campaign to destroy her and are triggered by all the negative coverage of the Western Australian Liberal Party doing a preference deal with One Nation. Premier Colin Barnett backed away from any hint of friendly relations with One Nation saying he had never met Pauline Hanson nor had any relationship with her. He denies he had any involvement with the preference deal with One Nation maintaining it was made by the State Liberal Party organisation.

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, despite for the most part being a sane voice in the federal government, viciously attacked Pauline Hanson and One Nation today. At an economic forum in Canberra he told attendees “You’ve got to ask yourself where do you think your nation will go … (if they) were to run the country,” answering. “As an accountant, as a farmer I can tell you exactly where it’s going to go, and it’s going to go down the toilet.”

There has also been a negative reaction to an interview Pauline Hanson did with Tracey Grimshaw on ‘A Current Affair’ last night where she reaffirmed her opposition to the Islamization of Australia by rightly pointing out “I believe there are some that want to live a good life and a quiet life,” she said. “But you tell me — you line up a number of Muslims, who’s the good one?”. Government MP Craig Kelly on Sky News this morning dismissed these remarks stating “We have a very tolerant society, we need to keep it that way, we need to keep it inclusive’’.

This sudden move by the Coalition to go on the attack against One Nation cannot just be put down to pressure from the mainstream media but also leftist elements in the party itself as many members of the Liberal Party do not like the preference deal with One Nation. The attack is also motivated by the fact that if One Nation does well in Western Australia they will be a genuine Australia-wide party that has branched out of its traditional heartland in Queensland. Pauline herself knows this and this is why she is spending the rest of the week campaigning in Western Australia.

These attacks on One Nation and attempts to derail their Western Australia election campaign once again shows the political establishment and mainstream media still don’t get it with Pauline Hanson. Their ridicule of her and her candidates only further highlights their own arrogance and the fact that they are the one’s out of touch with the Australian community.

In a situation, akin to that of Trump in America, the silent majority of Australians agree with what Pauline and what her party says, but are too afraid to say so openly thanks to political correctness, this is why Pauline has survived 20 years in Australia politics. The only way they will express their support for One Nation is in the voting booth, a phenomenon we saw in America last year and that the mainstream media is still oblivious too.

The attacks on One Nation from the conservative side of politics this week shows that they still are not learning anything from the party’s resurgence, nor are they learning anything from the very similar situation that happened in America. These attacks will have the opposite effect and increase One Nation’s performance at this weekend’s election. Maybe then the Coalition would begin to take the concerns of One Nation voters have seriously, but then again, the election of four federal One Nation Senators has not done this so far.

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