In a sign of the creeping degeneracy in our nation the Town of Cambridge, a local council in metropolitan Perth has been forced to close and demolish a block of public toilets because it had become a popular beat spot. A beat is a public place where gay men meet in public and have sex with each other.

The council had pursued a number of strategies to try and deter beat activity, including closing them, locking the cubicles and cutting nearby shrubbery, all of which had failed. They even spent $60,000 of ratepayers’ money on lighting for the toilet area. They did not it seems pursue the one course of action that might work: calling in the police to arrest those men partaking in these disgusting acts of public indecency and making the area once again safe for the public.

Probably both the council and police were worried if they took this course of action they would be accused of homophobia, even though the men were committing an illegal act. Surely tolerating homosexuality in society does not include having to put up with them having sex in a public place?

There are some members of the LGBT lobby who believe that sex in public places is a right and that police attempting to crack down on it and enforce the law is what is really outrageous. The taxpayer funded SBS Sexuality website republished an article earlier this year entitled ‘The case for letting people have sex in public parks’.

It contained an interview with a Canadian city planner Jen Roberton, who believed that people’s distaste for seeing sex in public parks between men was homophobia, and we needed to work on reducing the stigma around it (this is despite the fact that opponents believe any sex in public is bad, regardless of sexual orientation). She believes that police enforcing the law in this area leads to gay bashing. She even liked the idea of parks which had a designated sex area. Forget about parks being for families and children, she believes they should accommodate people’s sexual whims.

There is no right to sex in public, the wider community do not want to see sex in their parks. In our free society, of course you are free to do whatever you want in the privacy of your own home, key word: private. It is not unreasonable to ask that you control your sexual urges in public like most decent people.

In this case of the Town of Cambridge public toilet they are building a new one near a local playground. Let’s hope these men who think they have the right to engage in such lewd acts stay away from these new sets of toilets, and if their degeneracy continues then the police should have the guts to enforce some law and order and be scared of the LGBT lobby.


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