Dan Andrews Begs Marxists To Cancel Climate Protest

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has joined calls by his senior ministers and Victoria Police for tonight’s Marxist organised climate protest to be called off.


Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has joined calls by his senior ministers and Victoria Police for tonight’s anti-Scott Morrison climate protest to be called off. Socialist Alternative, the revolutionary Marxist organisation which has organised tonight’s protests calling for the sacking of the Prime Minister rebuffed their pleas. In an article published in the Socialist Alternative magazine Red Flag the group called the requests by the police not to divert resources during a time of emergency “cynical” and “manipulative” and stated that since police haven’t asked for Australian Open or the cricket to be cancelled neither should their protest.

Socialist Alternative organisers have already this week admitted that these protests are more about overthrowing capitalism than the issue of the bushfires.

Another spike in bushfire conditions is expected in Victoria’s east today.

“I don’t disagree with them on a range of different points they’d make,” Dan Andrews told 3AW on Thursday.”

“But I tell you what, you lose me and you lose a lot of other fair-minded Victorians who believe in climate change when you have a protest, when you’ve been told point-blank you are diverting police resources.”

“We should have police and all of our emergency services out there tomorrow saving lives tomorrow, not dealing with protests.”

Dan Andrews has asked anneke
Dan Andrews has asked Anneke Demanuele of Socialist Alternative to cancel or postpone tonight’s anti-Scott Morrison climate rally

“That’s how you lose people who formerly were with you … you run the risk of jeopardising that sort of support.”

“Tomorrow isn’t about climate change, tomorrow is about keeping people safe in a very signfiicant bushfire emergency.”

But Socialist Alternative activist, protest organiser and committed revolutionary communist Anneke Demanuele disagreed, stating:

“Protesters are not to blame for the lack of emergency services – state and federal governments are the ones who have cut millions in funding to fire departments, while they give billions in tax subsidies to the fossil fuel industries,”

“We’ll stop the protest if the Liberal and Labor governments stop supporting the fossil fuel industry.”

Ms Demanuele has today declared in a suspiciously friendly interview with Bianca Hall of The Age that the opposition of Dan Andrews, the police, the environment minister and the emergency services minister has not hurt the protest but rather helped popularise the rally and they expect even more attendees now.

Tonight will tell if Ms Demanuele and her extremist friends are correct.

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