Prostitution is Not “Work” – It is Exploitation

We see the devastation of prostitution & pornography and its links to human trafficking and abuse. Violence and aggression are at its core.


Part of the justification for the need for prostitution is that men cannot help themselves and cannot control their sexual urges. The desire and willingness to use women’s bodies as pleasure is the primary foundation on which brothels, strip clubs, and porn sets continue to exist. People see the sex trade as necessary and people call the sex trade a profession.

Sex buyers feel entitled because they want to and need to and prostitution is seen as inevitable and acceptable. Prostitutes remain in the shadows and people are disinterested in hearing how women are trafficked which is no consideration because men want “access” to them. Some men do acknowledge prostitution is harmful to women but still feel entitled and demand good service.

Sex buyers piece together a kind of cognitive flak jacket to protect against condemnation. The punter purchases control and go about de-humanising for bodily pleasure. The sex industry offers men the chance to buy sexual access to women. After all, that is the whole point otherwise they would not have to pay. It is a myth that you can commodity consent.

We see the devastation of pornography and its links to human trafficking and abuse. Violence and aggression are at its core. The women who are involved in it have high disproportionate rates of depression, suicide and drug abuse. It is a total absurdity to say what happens on pornography sets or brothels can be framed as consumer transactions. The suggestion that the sex trade, lap dancing or porn affects no one is pure fantasy.

Women who have been involved in prostitution call it an ultimate invasion-they are in your head and body. Being in the sex industry significantly reduces women’s lifelong earnings and creates a raft of physical and emotional issues.

Women need to disassociate and their brains disconnect from what is happening. Women who fail to disassociate have more problems. Women who pretend that they like what buyers do to them have far more issues. Dissociation is a must skill to have. Having many men visiting and asking you to perform various acts requires dissociation. 

Many brothels show hardcore pornography and men request these acts. Prostitutes typically perform acts that men’s girlfriends or wives will not perform. Brothels also fuel sex addiction and are linked with human trafficking.

The growing pornography epidemic is a profit-driven industry and its performers are paid to respond in a way the director wants. It is a trade that profits from abuse.  Consumption of pornography creates violence and has a propagandizing effect influencing attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. It destroys relationships.

If prostitution is legitimate work, then buyers must have legal protections. If the service is not satisfactory to them they can demand a refund. If prostitution is legitimate work why would the government provide parallel mechanisms to support women to get out?

Why the need for counseling services? If the message from the top is prostitution is work, not abuse, why have an existing system and why are women seeking those services? 

This episode covers the negative impacts that the sex industry has on the people involved.

The claim that prostitution is work is Orwell’s 1984 on steroids. Men do not regard women as a whole human being and deny the wholesale sexual abuse and objectification of women. Trafficking of women flows to the countries with liberalized prostitution laws.

Those who say prostitution is work I am sure would want their daughters doing it. I am sure is something mother’s would want their daughters to aspire to. I am sure at a dinner party you like to say your daughter works at a brothel and services men.

If it is legitimate work why must brothels not be near schools or churches for example? What other sorts of work must be kept at a distance from schools, kindergartens or churches apart from toxic industries and hazardous waste?

Legal brothel-keeping and pimping does not keep women safe. Far from it in fact. The profits of traffickers and pimps depend on men being able to access women. Very few women operate on their own. International research on prostitution and the sex industry always show around ninety percent of women want to exit the industry and the industry leaves long-lasting scars.

If you want to see a recent example of the evils of pornography exposed, see this federal case for ‘GirlsDoPorn’ where it was revealed the lengths the operators went to, in order to manipulate naive young women into participating in their productions.

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