Crying leftists spit hate at Queensland after election loss.


The lefties of Australia are slightly upset at Queensland.

In fact, you could almost say they’re miffed. Definitely put out.

It’s always amused me how the average Australian leftie will proclaim itself on the side of the underdog, the working man, the forgotten people and the oppressed, right up until those people don’t vote the way the leftie wants.

We saw it in America when the downtrodden salt of the earth rural poor suddenly became evil bigoted redneck racists the moment they voted for Trump. We saw it with Brexit when the poor in the deindustrialised north of England suddenly because evil bigoted “gammon” and racist “Chavs” the second they voted to leave the EU. We saw it here in Tasmania recently when the simple pure-hearted rural folk who had supported the protests against the dams and launched Bob Brown’s career suddenly became drooling inbreds the second they dared vote for a Liberal state government. And now we’ve seen it in the reaction of the left to Queenslanders voting for jobs rather than in accordance with the dictates of the apocalyptic inner city religion of Global Warming.

The tears and screams of futile rage over Queensland recording a 4% swing against the ALP (all but ensuring a continued Liberal government) were as heart-warming as they were deliciously counterproductive.

Some of the same regional Queensland communities who were hailed by leftist outlets as noble custodians of the earth when they opposed coal seam gas exploration to protect prime agricultural land are now apparently stupid rednecked bogan racists filled with greed.

The volume of the outpouring of sheer unadulterated tear-stained hate being dished out against the sunshine state is staggering. Here are just some of the examples of the cry-baby bile being spat out on social media:

And that’s just a small selection.

Never forget, Queenslanders. This is what they really think of you. Next time the leftists talk with sugared words about how much they want your support on immigration, multiculturalism, gay issues or refugees, know that nothing you can do will stop them sneering at you privately.

Never forget. These people hate you for existing. They’ll tolerate you if you do as they say, but the moment you disagree about anything, you’re a stupid bigoted redneck racist white trash bogan again.

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