Adam Bandt Calls For Aussies To “Rise Up” Against Morrison Government


Adam Bandt Calls For Aussies To “Rise Up” Against Morrison Government

In a Tweet made to his account this week former Marxist and current Greens MP Adam Bandt declared that the Morrison government is a “threat to life” and that “We must rise up against this terrible government with a fury that matches the intensity of these terrible fires. No more talk… just a full throated push to make Morrison act or go”.

Which quite sounds like a call to violently overthrow the government. Or at least it certainly would be taken as such if a One Nation MP were speaking about a left wing government.

But hey. It must be hyperbole right? It’s not like Adam Bandt has any history associating with groups that openly want to violently overthrow the government right?

Ah… funny you should mention that.

When the honourable Mr Bandt recently declared that he was looking forward to Liberal Party MPs being put on trial for “climate crimes” it brought to mind Mr Bandt’s own past.

You see Mr Bandt is actually Dr Bandt. He achieved this distinction by virtue of a PhD thesis exploring the theories of Karl Marx that he was so eager to keep quiet that he slapped a three-year suppression order on the tome after finishing it in 2008. Amazingly he thought that openly discussing the virtues of Marxist thought across three hundred pages might hurt his political career in the Greens. Clearly he was mistaken.

The thesis was titled Work to Rule: Rethinking Marx, Pashukanis and Law, the text included chapters on The Fuhrer of the Factory: exploring labour law in the Third Reich and examining theories of “the divine violence of the general strike”. All normal middle of the road stuff I’m sure.

This wasn’t his first brush with Marxism. In an article ostentatiously titled ”Towards an anti-capitalist, anti-social democratic, internationalist movement’‘ published on March 4, 1995 while studying at Murdoch University. In it Mr Bandt wrote “the parliamentary road to socialism is non-existent” and described the Greens as a “bourgeois” party concluding that “Communists can’t fetishise alternative political parties, but should always make some kind of materially based assessment about the effectiveness of any given strategy come election time,”. At the time the totally-not-a-communist Mr Bandt explicitly mentioned Trotsky as one of his inspirations.

Speaking of his his uni student days in the early 90s a young Adam Bandt was a leader of the “Left Alliance” organisation. the Left Alliance was formed in 1983 by Students aligned to the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) and by the time Bandt was involved it also included the Democratic Socialist Party (DSP), a Trotskyist organisation and the precursor group to the Socialist Alliance. Adam Bandt also spoke at a “Black Lives Matter” rally in the Melbourne suburb of Flemington held after the anti-Milo riots in 2017 which was organised by Jasmine Ali of the revolutionary Trotskyist group Solidarity. And just last year he was a featured speaker at the IMARC riots outside the Melbourne convention centre organised by Socialist Alternative, yet another revolutionary Trotskyist group.

totally appropriate beth jackson Adam Bandt
Greens MP Adam Bandt feels the future is in good hands after chatting with Socialist Alternative activist and Trotskyist extremist Beth Jackson.

So a Bandt, a Member of Parliament with a history of associating with extremist groups who openly declare that they want to overthrow the government just publicly made a fairly unambiguous call to overthrow the government. Nobody in the media cared of course. The Member of Parliament was left wing. They’ll wait till a right winger eats an onion or goes on holiday. Then they’ll get really excited.

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