The Unshackled Waves Ep. 117 Interview Show with Charlie from Verum Media


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One of most successful alt-media channels last year was Verum Media which gained a large following on Facebook and YouTube. It was particularly active during the same sex marriage postal survey where it discussed some of potential consequences of same sex marriage. The channel also explores other concerning and degenerate trends in western society.

The channel was founded by Charlie who is based in Sydney. He is not just a reactionary as anyone who has watched a lot of his videos knows he has views on a whole range of complex political issues and has strong political convictions. His brother Joram was the Australian Conservatives candidate in recent Bennelong by-election so he comes from a family which has strong conservative values.

We ask Charlie what was the catalyst that led him to create Verum Media, his approach to producing videos, what he puts his success down to and where he would like to take the channel.

We discuss some of the issues raised in his videos such as the conservative resurgence. the gender agenda, immigration, climate change, the attacks on Australia Day and other cultural institutions as well as the budget situation and economics.

We look at his advocacy of a no vote in the same sex marriage vote, whether the no campaign could have adopted a better strategy and look at can Australia avoid some of the negative consequences that have occurred overseas.

We ask him to reflect on his brother’s campaign for Australia Conservatives, how he felt the party approach its first electoral test, how he saw the result and can conservatives still influence policies in the major parties.

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