Leftists Attack Trump for Immigrant Child Detention Centers… But it was Obama

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We all know the narrative that Donald Trump is a vicious racist who cares to mistreat immigrants and tear families apart. This has lead to a flurry of tweets from leftist pundits who have become outraged after seeing images of immigrant children sleeping behind bars.

This is a situation that would preoccupy anyone, even hardened anti-illegal immigration advocates. Surely to enforce a country’s laws does not mean to belittle the humanity of immigrants, and the leftist outrage machine mobilized to call out Donald Trump’s unethical treatment of immigrant youth… except the pictures were taken in 2014 while Obama was president.

What did the leftists do? You’d think they’d leave the tweets up and call out Obama for the outrageous ways in which he allowed young children to be treated, but quite the contrary. Most of the tweets have been deleted as it seems their interest is to call out Donald Trump exclusively, and to ignore the atrocities of their messiah-like figure, Obama.

To be clear, Obama deported more undocumented immigrants than any other US president in history, and the full responsibility of how these young immigrants were treated falls completely on him.

  • Michael

    You can continue to LIE but the WORLD knows that babies and children being ripped from their Mother’s arms is a DONALD TRUMP POLICY. My friend works as a U.S. Embassy in another country and they are watching coverage of DONALD TRUMP’S POLICY and are answering phones calls https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/aad57e290fa892bcdbc551e113a0f58807790ce0c8b705a7a5789b71940082a2.jpg from this country’s officials who are AWARE this is a DONALD TRUMP POLICY and they acknowledge they are not believing Donald Trump’s LIES that this is a Democratic law.
    So right now WORLD LEADERS are looking with SHAME at this DONALD TRUMP POLICY and they can’t believe Trump is using children and babies as pawns in his sick game.
    The WORLD is watching Donald Trump and they are saying SHAME ON YOU!