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With the election speculation finally over the federal election will be on Saturday 18th May 2019. Elsewhere it’s a week of high profile clashes with the powers that be. To discuss all news I was joined by the Senior Editor of the Unshackled Damien Ferri.

Polling for the election so far shows an average of 48-52 two party preferred to Labor. This has led many commentators to conclude it is game on though the election will be decided on state by state swings. The Liberals are going hard on attacking Labor on electric cars and the Adani coal mine. There have been a few minor scandals involving candidates having to withdraw.

Elsewhere in the campaign the activities of progressive group GetUp and the response from conservative group Advance Australia with Captain GetUp have got many people talking.

Nationalist personality Avi Yemini was detained and deported from the United States after his visa waiver form was found to be invalid. He had traveled there with Sydney Watson to confront comedian Jim Jefferies who he’d exposed during an interview with a hidden camera.

Local Melbourne patriot activist Neil Erikson was again detained by Victoria Police for interrupting Friday Islamic prayers in the Melbourne CBD which sparked a lot of discussion online

Julian Assange has been arrested after seven years at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and will be extricated to the US to face hacking charges. This will likely prove to be the biggest test of Trump’s Presidency since he previously said he loved WikiLeaks.

Australia’s best rugby player Isreal Folau looks set to lose his playing contract after posting a list of sinners who are destined for hell, including homosexuals unless they turn to Jesus on his Instagram. It has again raised the debate of free speech in employment.

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