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On today’s show we introduce you to a rising alt-media personality in Australia vlogger Florian Heise. He is particularly active on Facebook and YouTube posting new videos every day under the title Heise Says – Adding to the Conservation. He is based in Brisbane and is architect by trade, he comments on topics that arise in the daily news cycle whether they be political or cultural from a libertarian point of view.

We get an idea of Florian’s content creation schedule and how he promotes his videos and interacts with his audience. We then move onto some specific issues such as the role of masculinity and fatherhood in this modern age, both of which are demonized by feminism.

We look at how his profession of architecture intersects with his libertarian beliefs, including how faults such as that in the Opal Tower and bad cladding can be prevented and if government intervention is needed.

We explore Florain’s Freedom Map on his website and what inputs he has included in it to measure freedom in various parts in Australia. We ask about Queensland’s political climate and finish by looking at the overall state of politics in Australia with a federal election due soon.

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