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Post the Christchurch mosque shooting there have been calls from the left and the media for governments and law enforcement to crackdown on the so called “far-right”. Their main target for many years has been Blair Cottrell most well known as the leader of the United Patriots Front.

I last spoke with Blair shortly after the public launch of Lads Society at their Melbourne Clubhouse in June 2017 for a shorter interview, but a lot has changed since then so he came into the Unshackled studio for a more in depth interview.

Blair has talked about his life background and history in other alt-media appearances so links to those are provided below to viewers if they want to learn more about that.

Since we last spoke Blair has been banned from being interviewed by the mainstream media after the meltdown over his Sky News appearance, he explains the back story that led to that interview and why he believes the backlash was so intense.

Blair has now been banned from Facebook and Instagram with no reason given. He was twice suspended from Twitter before being permanently banned and he explains the controversial tweets that contributed to it.

We discuss the Political Meeting at St Kilda Beach over African Crime that occurred in January this year, why he decided to get involved, and how the authorities and media reacted.

We analyze the commentary that has been put out post-Christchurch, including the attempts to link the killer Brenton Tarant to the Australian nationalist movement. Blair offers his interpretation of the aftermath and how such an event came to occur in the west.

Blair discuss his move to free speech social media alternative, and how the platform has told free speech critics who dislike his presence on it to get nicked. He also outlines his next move in nationalist activism, including harnessing some of the new found unity and maturity in the movement.

We finish by touching on Blair’s continuing legal appeal against his conviction for intending to incite hatred against Muslims under Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act for the mock beheading in Bendigo in 2015. He had his lawyer John Bolton will have the case heard in the County Court after the High Court referred it back there.

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