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Followers of the Unshackled will have noticed we’ve been covering a lot of recent news about the Proud Boys. They have now been de-platformed off Facebook after being booted from Twitter a month ago. The Proud Boys used Facebook for a lot of their online communication so this is somewhat of a setback. Australia’s left are also attempting to have Gavin McInnes banned from Australia for his Deplorables Tour with Tommy Robinson. It would appear that the Proud Boys is the main group that leftist activists, media and politicians have in their sights.

For some reaction our guest is US based Proud Boy and YouTuber Yosef Ozia whose personal Facebook was shut down as well. We begin with Yosef’s own experience with the Proud Boys as an African American Jew and whether hes observed any racism that we are told runs through the Proud Boys.

We then turn to the Proud Boys de-platforming from Facebook which has resulted the intense campaign against them post their confrontation with Antifa in New York. I ask if Gavin McInnes performing the mock re-enactment of the assassination of Japanese socialist Inejiro Asanuma by nationalist Otoya Yamaguchi at his New York talk was bad optics. We learn the Proud Boys have now moved to for their communications and social promotion.

We explore whether political persecution will follow given the politically initiated prosecution of Proud Boys in New York and in Australia Federal Labor joining the campaign to have Gavin banned from entering Australia. I ask how the campaign against the Proud Boys has affected individual members and group morale, but they are united with no regrets or backing down.

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