Outsiders Host Ross Cameron has been sacked by Sky News due to racially charged language he used on Tuesday evening’s program talking about the Chinese embrace of western culture “If you go to the Disneyland in Shanghai on any typical morning of the week, you’ll see 20,000 black haired, slanty eyed, yellow skinned Chinese desperate to get into Disneyland because they like and enjoy and are embracing many aspects of Western culture”.

Outsiders which is hosted by Cameron and Rowan Dean had recently been expanded by Sky News to air Monday to Thursday at 11pm replacing Heads Up with Janine Perrett along with its traditional Sunday morning slot of 9am to rival ABC’s insiders.

The future of the program is now uncertain as it now leaves just Rowan Dean as host. Mark Latham was an original host of Outsiders when it began at the end of 2016 but was sacked for suggesting a Sydney Boys’ High School student sounded gay.

Newly installed Sky News CEO Paul Whittaker who had recently moved as Editor of the Australian (both News Corp owned entities) released a statement on social media where he said Cameron’s language had no place in modern society and the offending episode had been deleted from all Sky News media platforms.


Twitter activist account Sleeping Giants Oz had launched another campaign to lobby Sky’s advertisers to withdraw from the network under the threat of boycotts.

This is not the first time this year Sky has capitulated to social media and leftist activist outrage. In August after Sky host Adam Giles interviewed patriot activist Blair Cottrell the network had an internal meltdown saying it was wrong to interview Cottrell, suspended Giles for two months, instigated an internal review of programming and banned Cottrell from ever appearing on the network again.

Ross Cameron was a beloved Sky News personality so the network is likely to experience a backlash from its core supporters. The reaction from other Sky News conservatives Andrew Bolt, Paul Murray and Alan Jones to Cameron’s sacking will also be closely watched given they have defended the free speech of the network against leftist attacks from groups such as Sleeping Giants Oz.


Ross Cameron has spoken to John Stanley on 2GB this afternoon where he said he had a great experience with Sky News, he accepted their right to terminate his contract but is still a free speech extremist. While he maintained that he his monologue was pro-Chinese he did concede that his use of stereotypical language “was clumsy and it should have been done better and it was a failure on my part” and apologized for any offence caused.

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