The Unshackled Waves Ep. 198 Gun Politics in Australia


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The ABC’s Four Corners program aired an episode last Monday night hyping up a big new power gun lobby in Australia. It portrayed Australian gun owners and sporting shooters desiring to protect their rights as a sinister development which will lead to US style mass shootings. But what is the truth about Australian gun politics and the facts behind gun ownership and public safety? Today my guest is Graham Park from the Shooters Union of Australia who was featured in the Four Corners episode to respond to what was put to air and to outline the aims of his and other shooting groups activism.

Graham describes current state of Australia’s gun laws with regard to recreational shooting and self defence, I also ask his opinion on the more controversial aspects of gun policy such as semi automatic weapons and concealed carry. Graham goes through what was featured in the Four Corners episode including the activities of the gun lobby in the Queensland and Tasmanian State Elections. He also responds to the allegation that relaxed gun laws lead to more deadly incidents involving firearms. Graham explains the current strategy of the gun lobby to have shooters vote for friendly minor parties and ask if the major parties are a lost cause.

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