Australian Deplorables Tour Launched with Gavin McInnes and Tommy Robinson


UPDATE: The Deplorables Tour has now been moved to February 2019.

Penthouse Australia yesterday launched the Deplorables speaking tour featuring internet television personality and founder of the Proud Boys Gavin McInnes and anti-radical Islam activist and British values campaigner Tommy Robinson. McInnes was scheduled to tour Australia in early November with Penthouse but his Australian visit has now been rolled into the Deplorables tour.

McInnes’ Australian tour had recently raised the ire of Australia’s left with a petition to ban him from Australia started by Sudanese refugee Nyadol Nyuon which has gaining 34,000 signatures. The left assisted by a series of News Corp articles have labelled McInnes a violent extremist and taken many of his comedic routines out of context to portray him as a promoter of violence and leader of a street gang. Last week Federal Labor joined the campaign to ban McIness with their Immigration spokesperson Shayne Nuemann writing to the Immigration Minister David Coleman to call for McInness to be denied a visa.

Tommy Robinson was imprisoned in May this year for contempt of court for filming outside a Muslim grooming gang trial in Leeds. He was released in August after his conviction was overturned and a retrial ordered. Tommy’s case has now been refereed to the UK Attorney-General after deemed to b too complex to be decided by the judiciary. During his imprisonment the Free Tommy movement exploded worldwide with many viewing him as a political prisoner for being one of the few journalists to report on the British authorities coverups of the extent of these Muslim grooming gangs throughout the country.

Tommy Robinson will have a more difficult time being granted a visa to tour Australia due to his criminal convictions and prison time served for other offences. As a result to counter a eventual leftist petition calling for Tommy to be banned a counter petition has already been launched on Go Petition by the Australian Liberty Alliance to let Gavin and Tommy into Australia which has so far gained over 6,000 signatures.

The Deplorables tour will cap off a busy year of right wing speakers touring Australia with Jordan Peterson, Stefan Molyneux, Lauren Southern and Nigel Farage visiting all our major cities. Australia’s left have done their best to disrupt these tours with their most active effort being in Melbourne which were organised by the Campaign Against Racism and Fascism. Their conduct led to a $68,000 bill being issued by Victoria Police to the organisers of the Molyneux and Southern tour which has led to the Free Speech Coalition being formed to fight such bills calling them a form of victim blaming and a thug’s veto.

Despite the obstacles put up by the local left and Australian government authorities promoters are still continuing to bring out right wing speakers to Australia. The Deplorables tour is likely to continue the popularity of these tours with the Australian community craving alternative points of view to our media and political class.

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