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The Unshackled was a proud sponsor of the 2nd annual LibertyFest Conference in Brisbane on 28-29 September 2018. It had over 300 attendees from conservative, libertarian and nationalist backgrounds and over 30 speakers on topics such as economics, liberty activism, the culture wars and free speech.

During the conference I caught up with several old friends of the Unshackled who had appeared on previous episodes of Waves. I spoke with conference organiser Andrew Cooper about the effort involved in putting together the event and his other liberty projects. I then chatted with Scott Crowe better known as YouTuber Independent Man about his new career in the finance industry and the future of his channel.

We spoke with James Fox Higgins from the Rational Rise about his new internet show as well as his new Christian faith and physical health transformation. We finished by catching up with Nicola Wright about her new book on abortion, her new position as Managing Editor at LibertyFest as well as learning about the Western Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance.

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