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The Unshackled was a proud sponsor of the 2nd annual LibertyFest Conference in Brisbane on 28-29 September 2018. It had over 300 attendees from conservative, libertarian and nationalist backgrounds and over 30 speakers on topics such as economics, liberty activism, the culture wars and free speech. During the conference I chatted with two prominent female speakers and public figures Bettina Arndt and Daisy Cousens.

Bettina Arndt has embarked on national tour of Australian university campuses to debunk the campus rape crisis narrative. Bettina describes her experience speaking at La Trobe and Sydney University, the leftist protestors she and the attendees had to endure during her presentations and how her treatment by university administrators has led to national political discussion about free speech at universities.

Daisy Cousens is a regular commentator on Sky News and a self described feminist apostate. She explains what initially attracted her to feminism, why she left and how she and other female right wing voices are treated by the feminist community. We also learn more about her famous Hack Live appearance where she confronted feminist troll Clementine Ford. Daisy also discusses her venture into YouTube videos and her success at monetizing her media. We finish by suggesting her next venture could be launch a Daisy Cousens fashion line.

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