The Unshackled Waves Ep. 190 Progressive ScoMo, ABC Firing, Sam Newman and Brett Kavanaugh

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There were a number of surprising developments over the past week. To discuss all of them we were joined again by the Unshackled’s Senior Editor Damien Ferri.

Scott Morrison has gone from being a conservative to a progressive this week suggesting a new national day to recognize indigenous Australians while keeping Australia Day on January 26th. Morrison is hoping to placate the change the date lobby however you can never appease the left who don’t believe Australians should have a national day of pride at all.

Scott Morrison also stated he was a believer in the gender pay gap in response to Labor’s policy of forcing companies with over 1000 employees to disclose their gender pay gap. Despite the wage gap being a myth Morrison obviously feels wedged on this issue due to the criticism the Coalition has received over their lack of female MPs and bullying allegations.

The ABC board fired their Managing Director Michelle Guthrie only 2.5 years into a 5 year term citing her leadership style and inability to liaise with the federal government at Senate Estimates and funding negotiations. But no matter who is Managing Director nothing will change at the ABC it will continue to be run by its leftist staff collective.

Sam Newman is retiring from the AFL Footy Show after 25 seasons as the show looks set for the axe, he was unashamedly anti-political correctness, stood up to feminists and the social justice campaigns of the AFL. Sadly it is an end of an era as we will never see another TV presenter like Newman as the entertainment industry now puts out inoffensive PC content.

In the United States Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh has now been accused by two women of sexual misconduct in his youth. Progressives and Democrats are attempting to derail Kavanaugh confirmation by any means necessary by casting enough doubt in a majority of Senators. Kavanaugh has denied them all and said he was not a heavy drinker in his youth and was a virgin. 65 women have signed a letter defending Kavanaugh’s character.

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