The Unshackled Waves Ep. 184 Ben Davis from Caldron Pool


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One up and coming alternative news website in Australia is Caldron Pool. It is described as a politically and theologically conservative website providing news and opinion on current events. It’s founder and editor is Ben Davis who in addition to breaking the big cultural stories of the day is also a talented political cartoonist. Ben joins us for one of his first on camera appearances to introduce himself.

We discuss his political and theological evolution and how it was the same sex marriage debate which motivated him to create Caldron Pool. I ask him to reflect on the current state of our culture such as the rise of the permissive society and the decline of Christianity. We look at when it is okay to make a moral judgment about others lifestyles and faiths. We then turn our attention to the modern left, their agenda and how what role we in the alt-media play and which pitfalls we need to avoid.

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