Neil Erikson and Co Milo Clash Trial Set for Next Year


Patriot activist Neil Erikson along with his four co-accused Ricky Turner, Richard Whelan, Dwayne McKenzie and Garry Hume, known as the Milo 5 appeared at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court today for another hearing over charges brought against them when they clashed with leftist protestors outside the Milo Yiannopoulos speaking event in Kensington, Melbourne on Monday 4th December 2017. The charges include assault, affray and behaving in a riotous manner.

They last appeared at the court on Friday June 8th where they were able to get their bail conditions changed to allow them to associate with each other for the purposes of lawful political communication. Following this court appearance Erikson and Turner told the mainstream media gathered outside that they would form a Cooks Convicts political party to contest the state election as a troll.

The developments from today’s hearing were the charges against Erikson, Turner and Whelan will go to trial set for June 2019 as both the prosecution and the accused are not backing down from their positions. A special mention is set for March with a contested hearing in May. Police had gathered 25 hours of video footage from the event which they can use at the trial.

Erikson was represented by lawyer John Bolton who is also a patriot activist. Bolton is also representing fellow patriot activist Blair Cottrell as he fights his conviction for insulting Muslims over his Bendigo mock beheading with the intention to appeal all the way to the High Court. Turner had his own legal team with Whelan appearing by himself but intending to obtain legal representation before the trial date.

McKenzie and Hume were given diversions. Hume’s diversion order entailed making a donation to charity. Their legal journey is now over. The Milo 5 were supported by other patriot supporters some who had traveled down from Bendigo. With them was also Andy Nolch local comedian and internet personality who is accused of vandalizing murder victim Eurydice Dixon’s memorial.

The Unshackled spoke with Erikson, Turner, Hume, Whelan as well as Milo 5 supporter Bluebeard outside the court.

Three leftist protestors at the event Daniel Dadich, Luke O’Neill,and Piergiorgio Moro have appeared at a separate hearing with Dadich being given a diversion.

The Milo 5 trial is just one of many legal matters that Neil Erikson is currently facing. He is due to appear at the Gosford Local Court on September 11th after being charged with obstructing a member of the clergy in discharge of his or her duties when he interrupted the church service of Father Rod Bowers back in May. Bowers is a known leftist virtue signaler using his church signs to promote Islam, aslyum seekers and the LGBT agenda.

Erikson in a Facebook video revealed he was also facing an intervention order from a member of Antifa which has prevented him from engaging in some activism which will be heard in court in November. In the same video Erikson asked his followers to contribute to his legal bills and fines through PayPal.

Given that the Milo clash occurred in December 2017 and the trial of the three remaining patriots won’t take place until 18 months later in June 2019 it is proving to be a slow legal process for those accused with the legal bills running into the thousands.

Despite the clash that occurred at his event, the police resources spent prosecuting those involved and the organisers of the event Penthouse being billed $50,000 from Victoria Police (which they have refused to pay) Milo Yiannopoulos is still returning to Melbourne on December 5th this year with a show as part of a national tour with fellow right-wing provocateur Ann Coulter.

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