The Unshackled Waves Ep. 156 Barnaby Joyce Interview, One Nation Drama, Michaelia Cash Again and Tommy Robinson Update

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It was a week of high drama in Australia politics. To digest it all I was joined once again by the Unshackled’s political editor Michael Smyth.

The much-anticipated interview with Barnaby Joyce and partner Vikki Campion aired on Channel Seven’s Sunday Night program. There was much controversy that they were paid $150,000, their justification was everyone else was making money off their child Sebastian so it was about time he got some of the benefits with the fee being put into a trust for him. The interview focuses on the personal side of their relationship, how it started and their reactions to Vikki’s pregnancy. The issue in his saga was always the fact that Barnaby moved her from parliamentary office to office and that he could no longer sell himself as a family values politician. Barnaby’s career in politics is over and we wish him all the best with Vikki and rasing Sebastian.

There was another implosion in One Nation this week with their NSW Senator Brian Burston voting for the government’s company tax cuts in defiance of leader Pauline Hanson. She wrote a letter calling on him to resign from the Senate and broke down on Sky News, he has refused to quit stating he still believes in Pauline and One Nation who has had a 21-year relationship with and blames this situation on her chief of James Ashby. Burston if he was to sit as an Independent would become one of 23 elected MPs who have left or been expelled from One Nation. Pauline overreacted but is certainly not the end of her or One Nation.

The ultimate political drama queen Michaelia Cash was back in the news this week. She was issued with a subpoena to give evidence in the federal court, this was over her office’s role in tipping off the media over the Federal Police raids on the Australian Workers’ Union offices last year to investigate a 10-year-old donation to GetUp. Cash has refused to answer questions to the media and to Senate Estimates claiming it is currently under police investigation. Cash has lashed out at previous estimates hearings and clearly doesn’t respond well to pressure.

Tommy Robinson is still imprisoned in the UK. There have been worldwide rallies in support of Tommy. It is disappointing that some on the right are not defending him actually believe that his filming would prejudice the trial, if that’s the case we may as well ban reporting on trials altogether. There was a mini victory this week with the media suppression of reporting on Tommy’s imprisonment has been lifted.…

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