Universities in Australia and elsewhere the western world have drifted further away from the values which made them the pinnacle of societal advancement. Freethought and open inquiry have been replaced by adherence to a cultural Marxist worldview which views our society, its history and institutions as symbols of bigotry and oppression.

The culture at universities has become so bad we see protests at events featuring conservative speakers and opposing ideas being so confronting that they need trigger warnings and students need safe spaces. Not surprisingly it is coinciding with a period when the value of a university degree is declining with fewer graduates obtaining work in their field of study.

Because of the rich history of our universities, and the fact that to gain employment in certain professions one must obtain a university qualification there has been a push to reclaim universities from the left, or at least ensure that they accommodate and are welcoming of those with conservative or classically liberal views.

This has been a goal of organisations like the Institute of Public Affairs who have had their Foundations of Western Civilisation Program for a number of years to promote the teaching of western ideas. They have also launched a student program Generation Liberty which co-hosts capitalism vs socialism debates at university campuses around the nation.