The Unshackled Waves Ep. 153 8-Bit Thoughts: Welcome to Melbourne


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One of the benefits of our new Unshackled studio is we can have in-studio guests. So the first invite went to Aussie YouTuber 8 Bit Thoughts who has recently moved from Brisbane to Melbourne. We last spoke to him in February 2017 and a lot has changed in the world since then so I thought this would be the perfect time to have a catch-up episode.

We ask him how he’s settled into Melbourne and the differences he’s noticed coming from Brisbane. We look at the changes in YouTube culture over the past year as well as in the rest of the alternative media scene. We reflect on the political establishment’s return after the high we had after Donald Trump’s election at the end of 2016.

We look at the Australian political scene including the left turbocharging their attacks on Australia Day and even ANZAC Day, as well as how they behaved during the same-sex marriage survey. We look at how the Liberal Party has become consumed with the Turnbull and Abbott feud and how Bill Shorten and Labor have re-embraced their socialist roots.

We also do a social justice warrior update including the latest antics of the feminist movement, how the gender neutral and fluidity movement is attempting to reshape our society and in particular children, we look at how ridiculous the allegation of cultural appropriation has become, we also lament the death of mainstream comedy and despite a resurgent right in the west look at how the mainstream media still spout the progressive agenda.

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