The Unshackled Waves Ep. 146 Aussie YouTuber El Dia


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We are still meeting plenty of like-minded people on our journey with the Unshackled. One new alt-media personality we came across is El Dia who is an Australian YouTuber based in Melbourne. She vlogs and hosts discussions about the culture wars, feminism, immigration and other hot topics. She’s interviewed many high profile people on her channel such as Imam Tawhidi and Joy Villa who wore the MAGA dress at the Grammys.

We learn about her journey to YouTube and how her views evolved growing up. We look at the state of freedom or lack of it in Australia with political correctness and social re-engineering reigning supreme. We reflect on the Trump phenomena and whether we are satisfied with his performance as President. We look at the destruction third wave feminism has brought to women’s rights and animosity it has created between the genders.

We look at the abortion struggle which as well as being up against laws which permit abortion until birth there are now laws against pro-life activism. We discuss what is the right immigration mix, how Islamic and African immigration is not suited to Australia but white South Africans are a different matter. We look at the post-Christian West and how lack of Christian values has led to declining morals and more degeneracy. I also ask Dia about her support for the state of Israel and debate with her if it is a battle we need to be involved in.

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