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Despite the unprecedented number of attacks on Australia Day 2018 in the weeks leading up to it, on the the day most ordinary Australians celebrated the day, what is good about the nation with friends and family over a barbeque. There was no violence or riots and the day was a success. The Unshackled was there to cover Australia Day events in the greater Melbourne area.

To discuss what turned out to be a pleasant Australia Day I invited on the show Logan Spalding who was one of the members of Patriot Blue we met who along with many others played his part in saving Australia Day. He has been involved in a number of Patriot Blue events most notability the Sam Dastyari confrontation.

We began Australia Day at Moreland City Council where patriot activist Neil Erikson and his group Patriot Blue handed out information on being Australian to those participating in citizenship ceremonies. Moreland was one of three Inner Melbourne councils to remove all references to Australia Day but was not stripped of its power to hold citizenship ceremonies by the federal government. The flyers were taken by around 75% of attendees and despite the police presence was no confrontation.

At Melbourne’s CBD there was the Australia Day Parade which appeared to be about paying tribute to all of the different nationality and ethnic groups. The Invasion Day rally did nothing but stir up division led by the rally organisers Tarneen Onus-Williams and the Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance who don’t just want Australia Day changed but Australia itself abolished. Onus-Williams said “F**k Australia, hope it f***ing burns to the ground” despite her receiving Australian taxpayers’ dollars being part of the Koorie Youth Council.

We finished of the day at the True Blue Crew Beach Party in St Kilda which was in the end just a simple celebration of Australia and everyone had a lot of fun. Antifa or the Campaign Against Racism and Fascism did not show up as Moran Reserve which was the eventual venue was a bit out of the public transport reach of the left. Even though only around 100 people showed up it was one of many successful Australia Day celebrations occurring around the nation.

We ask Logan how he became involved in Patriot Blue and ask him to defend the controversial nature of Patriot Blue’s activities including the Sam Dastyari incident and its aftermath. We also ask him for an insight into the recent exploits of Patriot Blue’s leader Neil Erikson including his dispute with former employer Toll.

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